McCarthy rejects Boebert’s bid to impeach Biden.

Speaker McCarthy Opposes Rep. Boebert’s Resolution to Impeach President Biden

Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) strongly opposes Rep. Lauren Boebert’s (R-CO) privileged resolution to impeach President Joe Biden. McCarthy believes that this resolution could potentially harm the ongoing investigations into Biden and his family conducted by the House.

Boebert filed the privileged resolution on Tuesday, giving House leadership two days to schedule a vote. However, it is likely that the resolution will face a motion to table, as both the speaker and many other House Republicans are against it.

McCarthy’s Serious Approach to Impeachment

McCarthy takes his role seriously and upholds the Constitution with utmost dedication. He believes that simply bringing something to the floor without proper justification does not serve the American public. While he is not opposed to impeachment if it reaches that level, he emphasizes the importance of doing it correctly.

Contrasting Boebert’s approach, McCarthy highlights the case of Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL), who worked with other members and gathered all the necessary facts before bringing her privileged resolution to censure Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA). McCarthy explains that Luna’s resolution failed not because people opposed censuring Schiff, but due to its multimillion-dollar fine.

Potential Harm to House Investigations

McCarthy also expresses concern that an impeachment resolution against Biden could hinder the ongoing House investigations into him, his son Hunter Biden, and other family members. He emphasizes the importance of getting to the bottom of the allegations surrounding Joe Biden and Hunter Biden.

Furthermore, McCarthy reveals that he was not informed in advance about Boebert’s plan to file the privileged resolution. He had requested her to discuss it with the conference before putting it on the floor, but she skipped the GOP Conference meeting, missing the opportunity to pitch it to her colleagues.

McCarthy’s Comparison to Censuring Schiff

McCarthy draws a parallel between hastily moving to impeach Biden within two days and the censure vote against Schiff. He believes that censuring Schiff for lying to the American public and leading them through impeachment, only to then attempt the same thing the next day, is dishonest to the American public.

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