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Maybe if Democrats stopped making things up, they wouldn’t be so sad

DFlorida has sadistic emocratic parent. Washington Post reports. Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican from Florida who was recently likened to Adolf Hitler, Josef StalinAnd Genghis KhanDeSantis is being cruel. These Democratic parents feel so overwhelmed by all that DeSantis does to them, they might consider quitting the state.

They won’t be happy, despite the fact that they are convinced of all the negative things happening. Florida They are mere figments in their imaginations.


One parent was unhappy that their son returned home from school upset after another student informed him that it wasn’t okay for them to tell his father. gay in school. This is, of course, completely false — there is no such rule — but when you have outlets such as the Washington Post Falsely calling Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act “Don’t Say Gay” The bill will be sent to the Washington Post It shouldn’t surprise children if they take disinformation as fact.

One parent also complained about the Washington Post asking, “How can we allow my kids to be proud of their family if they can’t speak about who I am?” Florida law doesn’t prohibit students from discussing their homosexual parents at school. These are all lies created by the hysterical Democrats, and corporate media who represent their interests in the political arena.

Another parent also complained about the Washington Post That “a lot of Black moms are saying, ‘Well, we teach our kids about black history at home anyway’ — but what about the kids who aren’t being taught Black history at home?”

Here is some good news for you, parent. Florida’s public schools offer excellent education. Required Please visit black history In school, it includes the history and discrimination of racial groups as well as slavery. It is listed DeSantis’ school curriculum is right there Department of Education:

These instructions are found in F.S. 1003.42(2) (h) of the Required Instruction Statute.
This is the history of African Americans including:

The history of African peoples began before the Civil War.

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