Matt Walsh Torches Alleged Ex-Biden Admin Luggage Thief Sam Brinton: ‘The Harvey Weinstein Of Cross-Dressing Baggage Thieves’

Daily Wire Podcast Host Matt Walsh Sam Brinton, an ex-official of the Biden administration, was spit on by his podcast host Thursday as he criticized Brinton’s latest claim that Brinton had stolen her luggage.

Asya Khamsin, a Tanzanian fashion designer, tweeted this week that her luggage was stolen from Washington, D.C. in 2018. After seeing Brinton’s tweets and researching, she now believes that he stole her luggage as he was wearing custom-made clothing.

After facing allegations of discrimination, Brinton was fired by the Biden administration in late 2013. Multiple For allegedly stealing baggage from airports, there are criminal charges in the country.

“Now, I told you at the time that, you know, this guy was pretty clear to me is stealing the luggage, he’s not stealing it because he wants the luggage, right?” Walsh spoke. “Nobody needs that much baggage, especially someone like him who already comes with so much baggage to begin with. But it’s very clear that he is doing this and he’s targeting women because it’s all part, again, of this sick, twisted fetish.”

Walsh began to talk about Khamsin’s tweet, and said that the evidence presented by the fashion designer was sufficient to prove the situation. “pretty close to a case closed on this thing.”

“What this means is that Brinton, the baggage bandit, has been patrolling our airports for years,” Walsh spoke. “He’s been lurking in the baggage claim area like some kind of predatory forest creature on the prowl. This is like when all the small dogs and cats in the neighborhood start going missing and you know that there must be a coyote in the woods, except this coyote steals women’s luggage and then parades around in their clothing. So when we say … that these men are appropriating the female identity, well, he was literally doing that, right? I mean, we were saying that about Sam Brinton when he was first hired and we were supposed to applaud him.”

“And I know I said, and many other people said that he’s making a mockery, he’s appropriating womanhood and all the rest of it,” He went on. “We didn’t realize how literally correct we were. He’s actually stealing their clothing and putting it on, yet nobody ever connected the dots.”

Walsh joked that this was essentially a new version of the old Walsh. “MeToo” Brinton victimization is a movement that women are claiming to be part of.

“All I know is that now we are seeing the beginning of a new MeToo movement, except that in this case, it’s just women coming forward because Sam Brinton stole their baggage. It’s going to be, it’s a whole MeToo thing,” He stated. “Sam Brinton is the Harvey Weinstein of cross-dressing baggage thieves. He’s the Bill Cosby of baggage claim, is Sam Brinton. And I just hope that more women have the courage to speak out. It is like, it’s in all seriousness, it’s pretty disturbing, too. Can you imagine, like, you lose your baggage and then and then this creep, then, you know, this creep turns up wearing it?”


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TRANSCRIPT (revised and clarified):

MATT WALSH (Male): Let’s start with this. It’s not the most important story right now, but I’m not sure. It’s not the most important story, but it is one of the most entertaining. So now you’re all familiar with Sam Brinton. The former Biden energy official, who loved to cross-dress and call himself they/them. He also was into bestiality role playing and other insane and unnecessary things that no one wanted or needed to know. But now we do.

He was also the guy who was fired after stealing luggage belonging to two women on two separate occasions. They stole their luggage straight out of the airport, at the baggage claim. I did tell you that the guy was stealing the luggage. But he wasn’t stealing it because they wanted the luggage. Someone like him, who is already lugging so much baggage, doesn’t really need this much baggage. He is clearly doing this, and he targets women because this is all part of his sick, twisted fetish. He is a serial thief and loves to wear women’s clothes. This was evident to me.

This brings us to Asya Khamsin’s tweet. … Here’s the tweet: “My name is Asyakhamsin tanzanian fashion designer based in houston Texas USA. I lost my bag 2018 in DCA. Recently I heard the news on @FoxNews about @sambrinton luggage issue surprisingly I found his images wore my custom made outfit which was in the lost bag in 2018.”

The dated photo taken in 2018 can be viewed below.

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