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Matt Walsh debunks report suggesting single moms raise kids better than two-parent homes.

Daily Wire Host Matt Walsh Debunks CNN Article on Single Motherhood

On his show, “The Matt Walsh Show,” host Matt Walsh criticized a recent CNN article that claimed children raised by single mothers fare better than those from two-parent homes. Walsh argued that the article failed to consider factors like crime rates and poverty that have previously been used to measure the harmful impact of divorce or unmarried parents on kids.

The Harmful Impact of Single Motherhood

Walsh stated that research shows “kids without fathers in the home are worse off in nearly every way. They’re far more likely to be poor, far more likely to drop out of school, more likely to do drugs, to commit crime, to go to prison, to commit suicide, to end up homeless and on and on.” He added that fathers are indispensable and kids who grow up without them generally fare worse.

  • Crime rates
  • Dropout rates
  • Grades in schools or prison
  • The number of people in prison
  • Suicides
  • Homelessness

Walsh concluded the segment by stating that the real reason society wants to reinforce the idea of single motherhood is that “the Left sees stable two-parent households as an existential threat to their agenda, which they are. Children from those kinds of households are going to be less vulnerable, less susceptible to the push and pull of the greater culture.”

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