Greene blames Boebert for House floor feud leak: ‘Regrettable’

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Rep. Lauren Boebert Engage in Fiery House Floor Spat

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene expressed her disappointment on Sunday that a contentious exchange with Rep. Lauren Boebert had been leaked to the press. The incident occurred on the House floor and involved both lawmakers, who had introduced articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden.

“Well, you know, I find it unfortunate that Lauren Boebert leaked that conversation that we had to the press,” Greene revealed during an interview on Fox News’s MediaBuzz with Howard Kurtz. “But once she leaked it out, I had to confirm that that’s, in fact, what I said.”

The details of the confrontation were initially reported by the Daily Beast, with multiple sources confirming the incident. Greene later confirmed the story to reporters, although it remains unclear who initially leaked the information.

Both Greene and Boebert declined to comment when contacted by the Washington Examiner.

The “Real Issue” and Tense Conversation

Greene emphasized that the main issue was Boebert’s refusal to co-sponsor her articles of impeachment against President Biden.

“I had asked her to co-sponsor my articles of impeachment against Joe Biden on the border, and she never responded and apparently refused to do so,” Greene explained. “Then, when she introduced her own and forced them to the floor with a privilege resolution without even having the courage to talk to any other Republican in our conference before doing so, except Speaker McCarthy and apparently a few others, yeah, we had a tense conversation when she confronted me about things I had said about it.”

Greene has been a vocal advocate for impeaching President Biden and introduced her own impeachment resolution shortly after taking office in January 2021.

The clash between the two Republican lawmakers comes amidst discussions within the House Freedom Caucus about potentially removing Greene due to her “unprofessional” behavior. However, no decisions have been made on that front, according to a GOP lawmaker.

This is not the first instance of infighting between Boebert and Greene. They previously engaged in a heated argument in the women’s bathroom at the Capitol during the battle for House Speaker McCarthy’s appointment in January, with Boebert telling Greene, “Don’t be ugly.”

As tensions continue to rise within the Republican Party, the public can only speculate on the future dynamics between these two fiery lawmakers.

Read more: The Washington Examiner

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