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Man’s ‘stressful’ electric vehicle cross-country trip hampered by nine hours of charging

Cross-country nonstop electric vehicle Nearly a quarter (25%) of the time spent on road trips was at charging stations.

You Tuber for TFLEV Roman Mica Partner channel Nathan Adlen With all stops planned and completed during nine hour charging times, I was able to drive from California to Florida in under 47 hours.


“If we had not taken an electric car,” Mica saidAccepting criticisms that might be made “You’d probably have been here eight hours earlier — or nine.”

They had difficulty finding chargers in rural areas during the journey.

“It’s getting old and getting tiring,” Mica said. “We had to drive 12 miles off of I-10 to come up here to Mobile [Alabama’s] Walmart because this is apparently the only fast charger in the area.”

“It’s stressful,” He concluded. “It’s 24 miles extra we had to drive to get to a Level 3 charger.”

Also, the couple admitted that it was difficult to travel. balancing speed with energy use.

“There’s this interesting mathematical formula you got to figure out,” Mica said. “The faster you go, the more energy you use, the longer you spend charging.”

“The problem, of course, is that when we hit 75 [mph], we keep it, and we pass some vehicles, we’re using more energy so we have to be really frugal with what we’re doing,” Adlen added.

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