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Man accused of sexually assaulting autistic children found dead in jail.

Man Suspected of Sexually Assaulting Autistic Children Is ⁣Found Dead in Jail

A shocking incident ​has unfolded in Johnson ​County, Indiana, where a Washington man accused of child molestation and possession of child pornography has died in jail while awaiting trial.

Leomeir V. Kennedy, a ⁤31-year-old transgender individual from Vancouver,⁤ Washington, was being held at the Johnson County jail after being arrested and charged in April. However, tragedy struck when Kennedy was found unconscious in his cell on Friday morning. Despite the officers’ attempts to resuscitate him,⁤ Kennedy was pronounced dead ‌at the scene, as reported by WRTV-TV.

The Johnson County Coroner, Mike‍ Pruitt, determined ⁢that Kennedy⁤ had‌ gone into cardiac⁢ arrest, ⁣according to WRTV. While no foul play is suspected, an investigation into his death is ongoing, and⁢ an autopsy​ and toxicology ​test are set to be performed, as reported by WTHR-TV.

In April, Kennedy turned himself in to the Greenwood Police Department, confessing to molesting three young girls. Shockingly, he admitted to fondling two⁤ of them at the Hopebridge Autism Therapy Center​ in Greenwood, Indiana, where he was employed. Additionally, Kennedy confessed to fondling a 1-year-old child in 2017 while babysitting at ​an⁤ apartment in Greenwood, as reported by WRTV.

Disturbingly, a photo of the nude 1-year-old in a bathtub was discovered on Kennedy’s phone, along with evidence of⁣ online conversations with other pedophiles and two other images of child pornography that had been sent to⁣ him. Kennedy had been working as a caretaker for young children at⁢ Hopebridge for eight ‍months before his arrest.

According to‍ arrest records cited by WRTV, ‍Kennedy chose the job at Hopebridge because he saw it as a ​”victim pool” ⁣and​ believed he could help children with autism grow. This revelation is deeply troubling and raises concerns about ‌the⁣ screening process for individuals working with vulnerable children.

WTHR reports that Kennedy allegedly managed to avoid getting caught by not abusing the children under his direct care. He would ​volunteer to ‌cover for other ‍staff members and care for the children assigned to them. When a ‍staff member walked in on him during an alleged assault, Kennedy‍ claimed that the victim had initiated the contact, suggesting that ⁢she may have been sexually abused in the past.⁢ He even reported the child’s behavior to a board-certified behavioral analyst, according to WTHR.

Ultimately, it was ⁤a spiritual adviser who convinced Kennedy to turn himself in, helping him ⁤confront the “shadows” and “snakes” inside him. The gravity of Kennedy’s actions cannot be ​understated, and the families‍ of his alleged victims have filed a civil suit against⁢ the autism center, accusing ⁢them of negligence for failing to recognize Kennedy’s dangerous propensities and allowing him to care for children without proper supervision.

This ‌tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of thorough background checks and vigilant oversight when it comes to individuals⁢ working with​ vulnerable⁣ populations, especially children.

Source: The Western Journal

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