Man Charged With Murdering Microsoft Executive, But Authorities Say He Didn’t Act Alone

A Florida Man was arrested Wednesday and charged murdering You can find more information at Microsoft Executive nearly one year ago

Henry Tenon, aged 61, was arrested for conspiracy to murder, second degree murder, accessory after the fact, capital felony and child abuse. People Magazine reported. The charges stem from Jared Bridegan’s murder, 33-year-old Microsoft executive, on February 16, 2022. He was shot and killed in front his daughter, aged two years.

“We know that Henry Tenon did not act alone,” Melissa Nelson, the State Attorney, stated this at a press conference held Wednesday.

Nelson stated that prosecutors would present Nelson’s case before a grand jury on Thursday “in order to seek an indictment for first-degree murder.”

Bridegan was driving along a Jacksonville Beach road when he pulled over and tried to take out an old tire. He was then shot at close range multiple times and taken to the hospital.

“When officers got on the scene, they found the vehicle with the flashers on, and there was a tire up in front of his vehicle in the roadway,” Jacksonville Beach Police Department Sgt. Tonya Tator stated to People that the Jacksonville Beach Police Department Sergeant. “felt it was targeted because of the tire being in the road forcing someone to stop.”

“He was gunned down in cold blood,” According to People, Gene Paul Smith, chief of Jacksonville Beach Police, stated this during a press conference. “This was a planned and targeted ambush and murder. The ruthless homicide has pained our community.”

Bridegan’s two-year-old daughter Bexley was inside his vehicle when the shooting occurred but was unharmed.

The murder happened just after Bridegan had dropped his twins off at his ex-wife’s house, leading some to question whether the ex-wife, Shana Gardner-Fernandez, was involved.

Following the arrest announcement, Bridegan’s widow, Kirsten, told Fox News, she was “not surprised to be honest,” after learning that Tenon was renting a home from Gardner-Fernandez’s second husband, Mario Fernandez, when Bridegan was shot.

“They charged him with conspiracy. That means there are more people,” Interview with Fox by Kirsten “This was orchestrated, this was planned and this was specific to Jared.”

A law enforcement source told the outlet that Gardner-Fernandez and Fernandez remain suspects in Bridegan’s murder.

Bridegan had been involved in litigation with Gardner-Fernandez since their 2016 divorce. They were primarily concerned about their finances and the custody of their twins, now 10 years old. Fox’s Kirsten said that Gardner-Fernandez won’t allow the twins to see Bexley, now 3 and London, who are 1 and 1 years respectively.

“Bexley asks about her big brother and her big sister, and I just say, ‘mom has tried,’” Kirsten said, adding, “I know they’re hurting.”

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