Most voters see Democrat lawfare against Trump as political election interference


Majority of Voters Believe Democrats are Engaged in Lawfare Against ‍Trump

A recent poll conducted by Harvard ⁣Caps/Harris reveals that more than half of voters think Democrats are using biased tactics to remove former President Donald Trump from the race. The poll⁣ shows‌ that ⁢a ​majority of voters believe Democrats‌ are “engaged in lawfare” by ⁢manipulating the⁢ government​ and legal system to target their political opponent.

When asked whether they think the prosecutions of Donald Trump are fair or politically motivated, 58 percent of​ respondents agreed‌ that the prosecutions are lawfare, while⁤ 42 percent believed the indictments are fair. Even ⁤when‌ the‍ question was reversed, a majority (55 percent) still saw Trump’s⁢ legal troubles as a ⁢Democrat strategy to eliminate a political opponent.

Breaking down the results by​ party lines, approximately 36 to 42 percent of Democrats agreed⁢ that ⁢Trump’s indictments constitute lawfare, while around 80 ⁢percent of ⁢Republicans held the same⁤ view. Independents were divided on the issue.

It seems notable⁤ that ⁣more than⁣ half the country believe the legal system​ is ⁣being weaponized to ‍take ‍out a political opponent.

Voters Doubt Trump’s‌ Viability and Assess His Impact on the Country

The same poll also revealed that⁤ a majority ⁢of voters believe the multiple‌ legal cases ⁤against⁣ Trump⁢ have made it “impossible for him to be a⁢ viable‍ candidate” for⁣ president. Additionally, 56 percent of voters think ​Trump will bring positive change to the country, while 44 percent ⁣view him as a danger to democracy.

The survey was conducted by The Harris⁣ Poll and Harris X⁣ in⁢ collaboration with the Center for American Political Studies at ‍Harvard University, with ​2,022 respondents participating.

Trump faced indictments in April by Manhattan ​District Attorney⁣ Alvin Bragg for allegedly paying ‍hush​ money to his former ⁤lawyer, Michael Cohen, ‌to cover up an ‍affair. Despite ⁢the incident occurring outside the statute of limitations, the charges were brought under a controversial legal⁤ theory.

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In June, the Biden administration indicted Trump for allegedly mishandling classified documents, despite Biden himself evading charges for the ‍same offense due to mental unfitness. ‌The poll ⁢found⁢ that 65 percent of voters believe Biden had classified​ materials‌ and shared them with those writing his memoirs, with 62 percent supporting ⁢prosecution if true.

Contrary to feigned ignorance, emails suggest coordination between the White House and the Department of Justice regarding the⁤ 2022 raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home. The‌ emails obtained by America First Legal reveal a “special access request” made ‍by the DOJ ⁣via the Biden White House.

/10 EMAIL HERE⁢ — Gary Stern, ‍the ⁢National Archives’ General Counsel, confirms in an email obtained by​ America First ⁤Legal that ‍“the Justice Department, via ‍the Biden ‍White House, had made the [special access] request,” regarding​ the documents at‌ President Trump’s home, Mar-a-Lago

America First Legal ​expresses concern over this​ alleged⁢ coordination, as the‌ special access statute only authorizes⁢ such requests for the “conduct of current‌ business” of ⁣the ⁤White‍ House, ⁤not for criminal investigations.

Trump’s legal team⁤ has claimed in court filings that the​ Biden administration collaborated with‌ the National Archives and Record ‍Administration to initiate the probe.

In⁣ August, the Biden ‍administration targeted Trump again, charging⁢ him⁣ with conspiring to overturn the 2020 election results. Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis also indicted​ Trump and others for alleged election interference in Georgia, raising questions about‍ her credibility⁤ due to allegations of hiring her lover‍ and misusing taxpayer funds.

Most recently,‌ Trump⁣ was​ ordered to pay ⁢$355 million in​ a fifth case, accused of inflating his⁢ net worth and property values. The trial‌ saw Judge Arthur Engoron undervalue Mar-a-Lago and find Trump guilty‌ despite no reported victims or losses.

Brianna‌ Lyman is an⁢ elections correspondent ⁢at‌ The Federalist.

What impact do ⁢the multiple legal cases against Trump have on his⁤ viability as a⁤ candidate for future elections, according to the⁤ majority ‌of voters?

Nd the Department of Justice in pursuing charges​ against ⁢Trump. Many voters ​see this as a clear example of lawfare, where political⁢ opponents are targeted through the legal system.

The ⁣poll results highlight the growing belief among voters that the legal⁤ system is being weaponized for political gain. It raises questions about the⁣ fairness and impartiality‌ of prosecutions, especially when they involve high-profile figures like former President Trump. The ‌fact that more than half the country shares this belief is​ significant ⁣and indicates a lack of trust in the system.

Notably, the⁣ poll also assessed Trump’s viability as a candidate for president in future elections. The majority of voters believe that ⁣the multiple legal cases against him have made it impossible for him to be a viable candidate. This perception has a significant impact on⁣ his political career and future prospects.

Furthermore, the poll sheds light on how voters assess Trump’s ⁢impact on the country. While a majority‍ of respondents believe that Trump will bring positive change, a significant portion view him ⁤as a danger⁣ to democracy. These varying opinions​ reflect the polarization surrounding Trump’s presidency and ⁣its lasting effects on American society.

The collaboration between The Harris Poll, Harris X, and the Center for American Political ⁣Studies ⁤at Harvard University ensures that the survey’s findings are grounded in rigorous research methods. With over 2,000 respondents participating, the‍ poll provides a ​representative sample of ⁤the country’s‍ opinion.

The indictments faced by⁢ Trump, such as the alleged payment of hush money and ​mishandling of classified documents, have been controversial. Critics argue that these charges are politically motivated, while others⁣ argue they⁢ are necessary to ​uphold accountability and the‌ rule of law. The poll results suggest a significant⁣ divide among voters,⁤ with a majority perceiving these indictments as part of a broader strategy by Democrats to‍ target Trump.

It is crucial ‍to continue monitoring public‍ opinion, as it reflects the state of the nation and ‌the trust citizens place in their government and legal ‍system. The belief in lawfare and its impact ‍on political opponents is a concerning trend that ⁢calls for further examination and discussion. Ultimately, it is essential⁢ for the integrity of the democratic process to ensure⁢ fairness and transparency in the legal system, regardless of⁣ political affiliations.


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