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Five people were shot dead by a Louisville sniper to have guns banned, and Democrats are happy to comply.

The United States appears to be at such a point of putrefaction that anti-gun radicals are purchasing firearms to take people and argue in favor of banning them. On April 10, the man who killed five people at Old National Bank in Lousiville, Kentucky, apparently admitted that his killing spree was motivated by the left’s’s desire to control firearms.

According to a 13-page statement found by the Daily Mail, the 25-year-old shot and killed several coworkers in aspect to support his claim that guns are also common in Kentucky. The gunman also officially expressed a desire to commit suicide and wanted to raise awareness of mental illness, which his parents later revealed he had and was taking medication for.

Law officials shot the gunman, and he later died. Unfortunately, the shooter’s’s passing shows that using that excellent equaliser by good guys with guns is the best way to deal with a trigger-happy lunatic, but that wasn’t the lesson that gun control activists intended to take away from the tragedy.

Gun-control backerslatched onto the shooter’s crimes to embolden Democrats to move forward with unconstitutional red-flag laws and gun grabs.

Although it sounds absurd, communist ideologues’ deadly and violent extremism is nothing new. Killers receiving pity for going on shooting rampages to enhance gun control. Even when it results in the death penalty, violence, vandalism, violence, and self-immolation have become symbols of today’s’s leftism and are frequently praised as means to an end.

Do you recall the weather extremist who committed suicide in April 2022 after setting himself on fire in front of the Supreme Court? The tragic Earth Day demonstration ought to have served as a stark reminder that radical leftists will stop at nothing to get the government to support their mission. Otherwise, it was praised as a” brave deed of kindness.”

The worst component might be that Wynn Bruce’s’s death was a ripoff incident involving another homicidal mood fanatic who used oil to kill himself, burned to death in Brooklyn Park in 2018, and was featured in The New York Times for it.

Similar to this, especially from their Democratic allies, the rioters who tore through British cities during the 2020 summers of fury should have been subject to fines, prison time, and criticism for their crimes. Instead, they got support from liberals like now-Vietnam President Kamala Harris and praise and encouragement from publications all over the nation.

Over and over and over leftists have shown they will not stop at anything to make sure all branches of government do their bidding. What makes the gun-control fight any different?

Nothing can stop the communist government, woke companies, and corrupt business media from taking advantage of the shooting victims at The Covenant School in March, as social media posts and stories demonstrate they did, in order to further their congressional objectives.

Jordan Boyd co-produces The Federalist Radio Hour and works as a staff writer for the publication. Additionally, The Daily Wire, Fox News, and RealClearPolitics have featured her work. Jordan received her degree from Baylor University, where she majored in journalism and social science. Follow her @ jordanboydtx on Twitter.


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