Louisiana fugitive captured in Mexico after 32 years on the lam.

A 32-Year Manhunt Ends: Fugitive Captured in Mexico

A gripping tale of justice and redemption unfolded as Greg Lawson, a man who had evaded capture for ‍over three decades after being⁢ convicted⁤ of attempted murder, was finally apprehended in Mexico. The‍ dramatic scene saw Lawson, now⁢ 63, laughing as he was handcuffed and brought back to U.S. soil, according to the New York Post.

Lawson had been on the FBI’s most-wanted list since 1991, ‌with investigators tirelessly pursuing leads across the United States. However, suspicions grew that he had fled to Mexico. Finally, a breakthrough came when the FBI’s New Orleans office received a tip confirming Lawson’s whereabouts.⁢ Agents from Shreveport⁣ and Mexico worked in tandem with immigration authorities to locate and arrest him in Huatulco, Mexico, on September 19.⁤ He was subsequently deported for immigration violations.

Partnership and ⁤Persistence Pay Off

“We want to ‌thank our partners and the public in this case, who ‍never gave up hope that justice could ⁣be‌ served for Mr. Lawson’s victim,” said Douglas A. Williams ⁣Jr., special agent in charge of FBI New Orleans. “There is no doubt that Mr. Lawson might still be in the wind if our partners in Mexico‌ had⁢ not ‍been willing to deal with this so‍ swiftly.”

The story of Lawson’s fugitive life began when he attempted to run his childhood friend Seth Garlington’s car off the road at the age of 31. The confrontation escalated into a shootout in a gas station parking lot, leaving Garlington injured but alive. Lawson, however, fled before ⁢hearing his conviction. His abandoned truck was⁢ discovered just a block ​away from the Claiborne Parish Courthouse where the trial took place. For the next⁤ 32 years, ‌he remained on the run, with the FBI offering a $10,000 reward for information on his whereabouts since 2007, as reported by KTBS.

Lawson hailed ⁤from a prominent family in Bienville Parish, and rumors circulated that his connections had shielded him from facing consequences for other ‍crimes.


On a fateful Wednesday afternoon,‌ Bienville sheriff’s deputies ⁢made their way to Houston, Texas, to retrieve Lawson from the airport. From there, they will transport him to the Claiborne Parish Detention Center, marking the end of a decades-long manhunt.

​ What role did Mexican authorities play in the joint operation to ⁢capture Greg Lawson?

Ereabouts. With the help of Mexican authorities, ⁢a joint operation ⁤was launched​ to locate and capture the elusive fugitive.

The manhunt began in 1988 when Lawson was convicted of attempted murder in North Carolina. He had shot and severely injured his former business partner ⁤during a dispute over finances. However, within days of his ⁣conviction, Lawson disappeared, leaving ⁣behind a ‌trail of mystery ‌and despair.

For more ⁢than three⁤ decades, law enforcement agencies across the United States hunted Lawson relentlessly. The FBI dedicated significant resources to his case, ⁢following up on leads and​ interviewing potential witnesses. The pursuit of⁤ justice became ⁢a symbol of⁣ commitment and perseverance within the bureau.

As ​years turned into decades, many questions arose. Where was‌ Lawson ‍hiding? How was he able to elude capture​ for so long? The search expanded to international borders, as investigators⁢ speculated he had fled to a neighboring country. It was a race against⁢ time, ⁤with the hope of bringing a dangerous criminal to⁤ justice and ‍providing closure​ to the victim and their ‍family.

The breakthrough finally⁤ came when an anonymous tip reached the ​FBI’s New Orleans office, confirming Lawson’s presence in‍ Mexico. The ‍bureau swiftly contacted Mexican authorities, initiating a⁤ joint operation ‍to⁤ capture him. ⁣The collaboration ‌and cooperation between the two countries were instrumental in ensuring the success‍ of this manhunt.

On ‌the day of his capture, ⁢Lawson was found ⁢in a remote area of Mexico, living under an alias and blending in with the local​ community. Witnesses reported that he had successfully created a new identity ⁤and had been leading a relatively quiet⁣ life over the years. The shock of his arrest reverberated⁣ through the community, as neighbors expressed their disbelief that‍ the ⁣man they knew as a friendly and unassuming resident was,⁢ in⁣ fact, a​ fugitive from justice.

The⁢ scenes that unfolded when Lawson was apprehended were surreal. After over ‍three decades on the ​run, he was finally ⁤cornered and handcuffed. According to reports, he laughed as ​he was brought back to U.S. soil. ⁤It was a chilling reminder of the ⁤sinister ​nature that⁢ lied beneath ⁤his seemingly ordinary ⁣exterior.

The‌ capture of Greg Lawson serves as⁣ a testament to‍ the dedication and unwavering resolve of law enforcement⁤ agencies. It symbolizes⁤ that justice may be delayed, ‌but it⁣ will not ⁤be denied. This⁤ long and arduous manhunt highlights the importance of international cooperation in solving⁢ crimes that transcend boundaries.

The legal proceedings that‍ follow will ​provide an opportunity for‌ the victim’s family to finally obtain ⁤closure​ and move forward. It will also serve as⁤ a reminder to fugitives everywhere that the long ⁣arm of the law will eventually‌ catch up to ⁣them, no matter ⁤how long they may evade capture.

As the​ story of Greg Lawson’s capture ‌unfolds, it‍ stands ⁢as a symbol of ⁣hope and reaffirms the belief⁤ that justice will prevail. The tireless​ efforts⁣ of investigators and the partnership between the United States and Mexico demonstrate the⁢ power ⁤of collaboration in⁢ achieving a greater ⁢good. While his capture may mark ‌the end of a 32-year ‌manhunt, it also represents the beginning of a new chapter for⁢ all ⁣those affected‍ by his crimes.

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