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Lori Vallow Daybell’s Ex-Friend Describes Strange Religious Views: Murdered Son Had ‘Evil Spirit’ In Him

An ex-friend of Lori Vallow Daybell, whose mother is charged with murdering her two children and planning to kill her husband’s’s former wife, talked about how her religious beliefs had changed significantly over the years.

According to Melanie Gibb, a former colleague of Vallow Daybell, the Idaho mother’s’s religious sentiments darkened and became unsettling after meeting her second husband Chad, who will go on trial for the same deaths later this summer. She stated in her testimony on Thursday that Lori thought those who” signed contracts” with Jesus Christ or Satan fell on a scale from” light” to” dark.”

According to People Magazine, Vallow Daybell, who is currently on trial for the murder of her daughter Tylee and her adopted brother J. J, testified to Gibb in September 2019 that her brother had turned” darkish.” According to rumors, Vallow Daybell informed Gibb that Tylee had turned” darkish” earlier in the year.

Gibb testified on Thursday,” She let me know that J. J.” now had an evil spirit in him. She discovered it the previous time.

The kids vanished and were never seen dead again just two weeks after Vallow Daybell claimed J.J. had” gone dim.”

Gibb also testified that Vallow Daybell informed her that J.J., who had autism, had grown more” difficult” and had allegedly declared,” I love Satan.”

Tylee supposedly attended Brigham Young University at the time Vallow Daybell told Gibb, but Individuals claimed she always did.

Gibb had originally stated to Dateline NBC that she thought Lori and Chad Daybell were” the creature on that hands.”


At the time, Gibb remarked that” they were extremely detrimental to one another, like gas and fire.”

Additionally, according to Gibb, Chad and Vallow Daybell’s’s goal was to eradicate monsters from the world after she referred to her children as such.

After the kids vanished in December 2019, judges already overheard a telephone contact between Vallow Daybell and Gibb on Thursday.

During the call, Vallow Daybell said,” I’m’m not telling anyone where he is, so I can keep him as safe as possible ,” alluding to J.

She continued,” He is secure and content.

Police detective Ray Hermosillo provided graphic details about the day authorities found the bodies of Vallow Daybell’s’s children on Tuesday in Rexburg, Idaho. The defense team of Vallow Daybell again requested that she be removed from the court, but the request was denied.

Tylee’s’s body was discovered to have been burned, and J. According to The Daily Beast,’ s was wrapped in plastic and buried in a small tomb.

Both Lori and Chad are accused of killing Vallow Daybell’s’s children as well as Tammy, his ex-wife.

The test for the two, who were charged on May 25, 2021, has only recently begun, according to 12 News. The state’s’s case was introduced by Fremont County prosecuting attorney Lindsey Blake by claiming that Vallow was only concerned with” money, power, and sex.”

According to Blake,” Lori used capital, energy, and sex or the hope of those points to get what she wanted.”

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