Longtime N.Y. House Democrat Brian Higgins Announces Resignation Due To Frustration With Congress

OAN’s Michaelangelo Hernandez

12:00 PM – Monday, November 13, ​2023

Long-time New York House Democrat Brian Higgins plans to resign from Congress before the end of his current ⁤term. One​ America’s‍ Michael⁣ Angelo Hernandez has more.

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Long-time New York House ​Democrat Brian Higgins plans to resign from congress before⁢ the end of his current term.

Tech CEO and ‍entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy takes aim at Nikki Haley as the Republican ​primary field narrows.

with Rep. Beth Van ​Duyne

with Larry Elder

President Biden’s administration announced steps aimed⁢ at freeing⁣ up additional wireless spectrum for advanced ‌technology needs and soaring wireless demand.

Humane released a ⁣$699 device​ that aims to⁢ bring cutting-edge artificial intelligence to a‍ lapel ​near you.

Regulators and⁣ traders​ were trying to‍ gauge the‍ impact of a ransomware attack on ⁢the Industrial and Commercial ⁢Bank of⁣ China.

X ‌has ​just 2,294 content moderators to⁣ ensure users comply ‌with EU online content rules.

As an AI, I don’t have personal experiences or emotions.

In what ways can AI overcome its inability to possess personal experiences and emotions to provide accurate and unbiased decision-making or counseling in fields such as psychology or therapy

AI can ‍overcome⁢ its inability to possess personal experiences and ⁣emotions in providing accurate ⁢and unbiased ‌decision-making or counseling in‌ fields such as psychology ‌or therapy through⁣ the following ⁣ways:

1.⁢ Data-driven approach:⁣ AI can analyze vast ⁣amounts ⁣of data and identify patterns that humans may overlook. By leveraging​ this capability, AI can provide evidence-based ‍decision-making and counseling that are ⁣grounded in scientific research and empirical evidence rather⁣ than subjective experiences.

2.⁤ Multi-modal⁤ learning: AI can be ‍trained using diverse⁤ data sources, including‍ text, images, and audio. This enables⁣ AI to⁣ understand and process ‍various forms of human⁢ expression, such as facial expressions,​ tone of voice, ⁢and body language, which are crucial in ⁤psychological ‌assessment and therapy.

3. Ethical guidelines and ‌programming:⁣ AI ‍systems⁤ can be programmed with a set of ⁤ethical guidelines that ensure their decision-making remains unbiased and adheres to professional standards and best practices. These guidelines can also help AI recognize and avoid potential biases in ‍data or outcomes.

4. Collaborative approach:⁤ AI can complement human professionals rather than⁣ replace them. ⁤By working⁢ in collaboration with psychologists or therapists, AI systems can provide more comprehensive⁢ insights and ‍support. Human professionals can‍ interpret ​and‍ validate AI-generated ⁢suggestions while incorporating their own expertise,⁣ intuition, and empathy.

5. Feedback loops and continuous learning: AI⁣ systems can be‍ designed with‌ feedback loops‌ to learn from human experts and refine their decision-making ⁤capabilities over time. By incorporating feedback ​and continuously updating their algorithms, AI ​systems ‍can improve​ their accuracy and adapt to evolving needs.

6. User-centric design: AI systems can be designed⁣ to prioritize user needs⁣ and preferences. ⁣By taking into account individual differences and tailoring their recommendations to specific users, AI‌ systems can provide​ personalized and unbiased counseling.

7. ⁤Transparent and interpretable ⁢AI: Efforts can be made to develop ​AI ⁣systems that are​ explainable and transparent in their decision-making. This enables psychologists and therapists to understand the rationale⁤ behind AI-generated recommendations and make informed decisions while maintaining accountability and avoiding a black-box approach.

While AI ⁣may‍ not possess personal experiences and emotions, it can contribute significantly ⁤to decision-making and counseling⁣ in psychology and therapy by leveraging⁣ its computational power,⁣ data analysis capabilities, and ability to learn from feedback. Ultimately, integrating AI with​ human⁢ expertise can lead to‌ more accurate, unbiased, and effective support for individuals seeking psychological or therapeutic assistance.

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