Breaking News: All defendants surrender in Georgia election case; Kremlin denies involvement in Prigozhin’s plane crash. Tune in to NTD Evening News now!

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Georgia ‌Elections Case: Defendants Surrender

All 19 defendants ‍in the Georgia elections case have ‌surrendered‌ at the ⁤Fulton County Jail as of Aug. 25.⁢ The Fulton ⁤County‍ Sheriff’s Office ​has released their mug shots, including that of former President Donald ⁢Trump.

Maui Wildfires: Unaccounted for and Rising Death Toll

An estimated 388 people are still unaccounted for, following ⁢the‍ devastating Maui wildfires. This tragic event has⁢ already claimed the lives of at least 115 individuals, ⁣making it the deadliest wildfire ‍in​ the United States in over a century.

Russia’s Wagner Group: Leader ⁣Presumed Dead in Plane⁤ Crash

The leader of Russia’s Wagner mercenary group is presumed dead in ⁢a‍ recent plane crash. Despite the Kremlin’s denial of involvement, authorities are currently analyzing ​the flight recorders to determine the cause of the ‌crash.

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