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Engaging Copyright ⁣Statement

Copyright © 2000 – 2023 The Epoch Times Association Inc. All Rights Reserved.

How does The Epoch Times Association Inc. assert its copyright ‌ownership over the ⁢content produced by its staff members?

Engaging Copyright Statement

Copyright ‍is an essential⁤ aspect of safeguarding the ⁤intellectual property of creative works or original ⁤thoughts. It ‌ensures that the creators‍ receive proper recognition and​ protection for ‍their contributions.⁣ The Epoch Times Association Inc., a distinguished publishing organization, understands the⁣ significance ⁤of copyright ⁢and diligently upholds its policies to protect its content and contributors. This statement ‌outlines the copyright ‌provisions​ and rights ⁢that‌ apply to the content⁢ produced by The Epoch Times Association ‌Inc.

The Epoch Times Association Inc. asserts its ‌full copyright‍ ownership over all the material produced by its journalists, reporters, writers, photographers, ‍videographers, and other staff members. The content includes but​ is not‌ limited⁣ to articles, images,⁢ videos, graphics, website design,⁤ and layout. The ​copyright ownership extends from the year ⁤2000 to 2023, and all rights are reserved by the association.

This means that⁤ no ⁢one is ​allowed to⁢ reproduce, distribute, modify, transmit, publish, display, or create derivative ⁢works ‍from the copyrighted material of ​The Epoch Times Association Inc. without obtaining prior written permission. The unauthorized use or​ reproduction of the content constitutes a violation of intellectual property rights and is strictly‌ prohibited.

Furthermore, The Epoch Times Association Inc. reserves the right to take legal action against individuals or organizations who⁢ infringe ⁢upon its copyright. ⁤This may include seeking injunctive relief, damages, or any other‌ remedies ‌available ‍under applicable laws.

However, The Epoch Times Association Inc. ⁤recognizes the importance of engaging‌ readers and building a strong relationship with its audience. Therefore, it allows limited use of‍ its content under specific circumstances, ensuring‍ due credit is given and proper guidelines⁢ are followed. Fair use ‍of the copyrighted material may include quoting excerpts from articles,⁢ citing⁤ sources, and sharing content through social media platforms, provided that it is for informational ⁢or non-commercial purposes. However, it is crucial to always link back to the⁢ original source and give⁢ proper attribution.

The Epoch Times Association ‌Inc. understands that​ copyright issues can sometimes be complex and ambiguous. Hence, it encourages individuals or organizations who ​wish to use its content to contact‌ the association directly. The Epoch Times Association Inc. is open to considering requests and granting permissions on a case-by-case basis.

In conclusion, The Epoch Times Association Inc. firmly believes ‌in the importance ‍of copyright protection‌ to foster⁢ creativity, acknowledge contributions, and maintain the integrity of its content. It emphasizes that all individuals and organizations ‍must respect and adhere to its⁤ copyright policies. By doing so, they contribute to the preservation of intellectual property⁢ rights and support the growth of a‌ flourishing creative community.

Remember, copyright is⁤ not only a legal ⁢matter but ‍also an ethical⁢ responsibility. Let us collectively promote and engage in a ‌culture of copyright⁣ compliance, ensuring the protection and sustainability of intellectual‌ property for generations to come.

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