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DOJ, FBI to Hold Press Conference in LA at 11:45 AM ET

The Department of⁣ Justice and FBI officials hold a news conference in Los Angeles

Join ‌us for an important announcement!

The Department ⁣of Justice and ‍FBI officials are excited to invite you⁢ to a highly anticipated news⁤ conference in Los Angeles. This event will take place⁣ on August 29th at‌ 11:45 a.m. ⁣ET. Be sure to mark your calendars!

During this conference, key representatives from the Department of Justice⁤ and FBI will address crucial matters that concern our community. They will provide⁤ valuable insights and updates on ‍ongoing investigations, ‌as ⁢well as​ discuss the latest ⁣developments in law enforcement.

Don’t miss out on this‌ opportunity to stay informed and ​engaged. Join us as we ​strive to create‍ a safer and more secure ‌environment for all.

“The truth⁤ will be‌ revealed, and justice will‍ prevail.”

Stay tuned for further details and announcements regarding this event. ‍We look forward to your ⁤presence at this‍ significant news conference!

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