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LIVE NOW: House Financial Services Committee Hearing on ‘SEC’s Agenda’ at 10 AM ET.

The ‍House⁣ Financial Services Committee ​is set to ⁣hold an ⁣exciting hearing titled “Examining the SEC’s Agenda: Unintended Consequences for‍ U.S. Capital Markets and Investors” at 10 a.m.‍ ET on November 2nd. This is a must-watch event for anyone ⁤interested in the future of ⁣our capital markets and the impact on investors.


  • Dr. S.P. Kothari, ⁢Gordon Y Billard Professor of Accounting and Finance, MIT Sloan School of Management
  • Ms. Dalia Blass, Partner, Sullivan & Cromwell LLP
  • Mr. Tom Quaadman, Executive‌ Vice President, Center for Capital Markets⁤ Competitiveness, ⁢U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  • Mr. Ken Bentsen, President and CEO, SIFMA
  • Ms. ⁣Amy Borrus, Executive Director, Council of Institutional Investors

‌What are some potential​ unintended consequences that may arise from the SEC’s ​agenda,‍ and ‌how might⁣ they impact U.S. capital‌ markets and investors?

The House Financial Services Committee has scheduled a highly anticipated hearing titled “Examining the SEC’s Agenda: Unintended Consequences for U.S. Capital Markets and Investors” to be held at 10 a.m. ET on November 2nd. This event is a must-watch for individuals who are interested in the future of our capital markets and the potential impact on investors.

The witnesses set to testify at the hearing are highly esteemed professionals in their respective fields. Their expertise and insights will⁢ provide valuable perspectives on the topics at ⁤hand. The witnesses include:

1. Dr.⁢ S.P. ​Kothari: Dr. Kothari is the Gordon Y Billard Professor⁤ of Accounting and Finance at the MIT‍ Sloan School of Management. With his extensive knowledge in accounting and finance, he ⁣is well-equipped to‌ provide an expert ⁣analysis of the SEC’s agenda and its potential unintended⁤ consequences.

2. Ms.‍ Dalia Blass: Ms. Blass is ‌a Partner at Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, a prominent law firm specializing in financial services. As an experienced attorney, she brings a wealth of knowledge in regulations ⁢and legal frameworks that govern the capital markets. Her perspective will be valuable in understanding ‌the potential implications of the SEC’s agenda.

3. ⁣Mr. Tom Quaadman: Mr. Quaadman serves as the Executive Vice President of the ⁣Center for Capital Markets⁤ Competitiveness at the U.S.⁤ Chamber of Commerce. His role involves advocating​ for policies that promote vibrant and competitive ​capital markets. With his expertise, he will⁣ shed light on how the SEC’s agenda may impact the competitiveness of U.S. capital markets.

4. Mr. Ken Bentsen: Mr.‌ Bentsen is the President and CEO of the ⁣Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA). SIFMA represents the interests of securities firms, banks, and asset‍ management companies. As a leader in the financial industry, Mr. Bentsen will provide insights ⁤on⁢ how the SEC’s agenda could affect the ​operations and stability of the financial sector.

5. Ms. Amy⁣ Borrus: Ms. Borrus serves as the Executive Director of the Council of Institutional Investors (CII). CII is an influential organization that represents the interests of institutional investors, such as pension ‌funds and endowments. Ms. Borrus will offer valuable perspectives on how the SEC’s agenda might impact institutional investors and their ability to achieve their financial objectives.

The combination of these witnesses from various backgrounds ensures a comprehensive examination ‌of the SEC’s​ agenda and its consequences ⁢for capital markets and investors. Their testimonies will provide policymakers and the‍ public with valuable insights to shape future regulatory decisions.

It is⁤ imperative for stakeholders in the ​financial industry, as well ⁤as individual investors, to follow‌ the proceedings of ​this hearing closely. The decisions and⁢ actions taken by⁤ the SEC have ⁤far-reaching implications for capital‍ markets and can significantly impact⁢ the opportunities and risks faced by investors. By ⁣understanding the potential ⁣unintended consequences of the SEC’s ⁤agenda, relevant parties can make informed​ decisions and contribute to the ⁣ongoing dialogue on regulatory frameworks in⁤ the financial sector.

In conclusion, the upcoming hearing by the House Financial⁣ Services Committee titled “Examining the SEC’s Agenda: Unintended Consequences for U.S. Capital Markets ‌and Investors” promises to⁢ be a pivotal event for those ‍concerned about the future of capital​ markets and the‍ interests ‌of investors. By featuring a diverse ‌panel of witnesses, the hearing will provide invaluable insights into the potential effects of the SEC’s‍ agenda. Stakeholders and investors should pay close attention to this event as ‌it will shape future discussions on regulatory policies in the financial sector.

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