Message to undocumented immigrants: You can’t remain here, but we won’t force you to leave.

Democrats’ Solution to Illegal Immigration: “You Don’t​ Have to ‌Go Home, But You Can’t Stay Here”

In recent ‍weeks, conservatives have been hopeful that the surge of ⁢illegal immigration in​ cities like New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles would finally‍ push the Democratic Party to address the long-standing ⁤issue. However, it is abundantly clear that local and state Democrats have⁣ a solution that only worsens ​the ⁣problem. They believe ‍in telling illegal immigrants, ⁢”You‌ don’t ⁤have to go home, but you ‌can’t stay here.”

Consider the Empire State⁤ as proof of this theory.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul ⁣recently stated, “We have to let the word⁤ out that when ‌you come to New York, ​you’re not going⁣ to have more hotel ‌rooms. We don’t⁤ have the capacity, so we have to also message properly that we’re at our limit if you’re going to leave your country, go ‍somewhere else.”

This ‍week, Hochul also said, “We⁢ hit our capacity, so we’re asking⁢ other areas to embrace these individuals.”

What she should be calling for is mass deportations.

The ‌Big Apple’s Mayor Eric Adams claims to care about‌ the ⁢issue but wants different cities around the ‌country to shoulder the burden. Alternatively, he wants ⁣more federal‍ dollars to provide freebies and more ​to ⁤illegal immigrants.

On the West Coast, Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass admitted in‌ September that she is “fearful” planes of illegals will show⁤ up any‌ day.

Again, ‍an easy way to alleviate that fear would⁣ be to embrace policies⁤ that secure the border,​ discourage illegal immigration, and remove illegals already in the country.

Yet it seems the truth is that liberals, and certain ‍Republicans, want⁤ this invasion to continue because⁢ it will provide cheap labor​ for Big Business and eventually new votes for the Democratic Party.

That’s why you have folks like Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) calling for amnesty for “however many” ⁣illegals exist in the​ U.S., and not many Republican⁣ leaders voicing their ⁣opposition to such a statement. ​ Bipartisanship, baby!

And so, as we saw on Martha’s Vineyard last year, the liberal solution to the problem is⁤ removing illegal immigrants from their area. Just not out of⁤ the country.

The​ crisis will continue​ as long as‍ that’s their stance and the ‌Republicans don’t put up any meaningful political resistance to⁣ stop‌ it.

The views⁢ expressed in this piece are the author’s own and do⁢ not necessarily represent ‌those of The Daily⁤ Wire.

How do the statements made‌ by Governor Hochul demonstrate the Democratic Party’s approach to illegal immigration?

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— Caroline Hopkins (@CarolineHopkin6) October 30, 2021

These statements by Governor Hochul make it clear that the Democrat solution to illegal‌ immigration is not​ to⁤ enforce immigration laws or secure the border but rather⁤ to push the burden onto other states and localities. They are effectively saying, “come⁣ to our state, but don’t expect ​us to take responsibility for⁤ you.”

This strategy is deeply flawed ‌and only exacerbates the problem of illegal⁣ immigration. By encouraging individuals to come to ‍states like New York without addressing the underlying issues, Democrats⁣ are creating an environment ​where illegal immigrants may be attracted to these‍ cities,⁣ further straining limited resources such as housing,‍ healthcare, and⁤ education.

Furthermore, ⁤this approach undermines the rule of law and sends a message that illegal immigration ‌will be tolerated. It undermines the efforts of law⁣ enforcement agencies who work tirelessly to uphold immigration laws and protect the⁢ safety ​and security​ of their communities.​ It also poses⁣ a significant economic burden as the cost⁣ of providing services⁣ to​ illegal ‌immigrants ⁢falls​ on the ⁤taxpayers.

While⁣ it is essential to have a ⁤compassionate approach to immigration, it should not come at the‍ expense of the​ rule of law or the well-being of American citizens. Instead‌ of​ simply pushing the problem onto ‌other states,⁢ Democrats should focus on implementing comprehensive immigration ⁢reform that ⁣includes border security,⁣ enforcing immigration laws, ⁣and establishing a⁤ clear path to legal status for those already residing in the country.

Addressing the root causes of illegal immigration,⁢ such as poverty, ⁢violence, and lack of economic opportunities ⁤in home countries, is⁣ also crucial. Democrats should work towards ⁢international ‍partnerships and aid initiatives that⁣ aim to improve conditions in ⁣these nations, providing​ individuals with ‌the opportunity to build better⁢ futures in their own countries.

Furthermore, Democrats⁤ should collaborate with‍ Republicans to find ⁣common ground on‍ immigration ⁣policies. By ‌engaging in meaningful dialogue and compromise, both parties can work towards a solution that upholds the rule of law while also showing⁢ compassion towards those seeking a better life.

In⁤ conclusion, the Democratic Party’s approach ‌to‍ illegal immigration, ‌as demonstrated by statements from Governor Hochul, is deeply flawed. Pushing the burden onto‌ other states⁣ and localities ⁤without addressing‍ the root causes or enforcing immigration laws only⁤ worsens the problem. Instead, ⁤a ⁢comprehensive immigration reform that ‌focuses on border security, law enforcement, ⁢and⁢ international partnerships is needed.⁢ It is only through such an‍ approach that the issue of illegal immigration can be⁢ effectively addressed while also upholding​ the values of​ compassion, justice, and the rule ⁢of law.

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