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Liberty Safe Scandal: Parent Company Supports Gun-Control Democrats – Report

Liberty​ Safe Scandal: Parent Company Exposed as Major Donor to Gun-Control Democrats – Report

Liberty Safe, ‍known as “America’s #1 heavy-duty home and gun safe⁣ manufacturer,” is facing backlash after it was revealed that its parent company ⁤has donated ⁢nearly ⁤half a million dollars to pro-gun control Democratic officials.

On Wednesday, Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk shared FEC⁤ filings on ‌the social media platform ⁤X, formerly known as Twitter, that exposed Liberty Safe’s parent⁤ company, Monomoy ‍Capital Partners, for donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to‌ Democrats.

“I pulled⁢ the FEC reports on the⁣ company and ‍found⁣ approximately $400,000 over the last 10 cycles‌ of max donations to Democrats,” Kirk ‌wrote.

“Liberty Safe’s current CEO, Justin Hillenbrand, was a founding partner of Monomoy and donated $4,600 to Obama for America,” Kirk​ added.

In a⁣ news release, Monomoy Capital announced its ⁤acquisition of Liberty ‌Safe in 2021, calling it “another great example of Monomoy partnering with a branded, market-leading, consumer products manufacturer that has garnered an enthusiast customer base throughout the ⁣company’s history.”

Among the notable donations listed were those to Democratic Sens. Raphael Warnock of Georgia, John Fetterman of Pennsylvania, and Mark Kelly of Arizona, ‍as well‌ as former Lt. Gov. Mandela ⁢Barnes of‍ Wisconsin⁤ – all of whom have expressed support for gun control.

Barnes lost a bid to unseat Wisconsin Republican Sen.⁤ Ron Johnson in‍ November.

Kirk’s report comes at​ a time when Liberty Safe is already‍ facing⁤ intense criticism⁢ for providing⁣ the FBI with a customer’s safe passcode.

Nathan ⁣Earl Hughes​ of Fayetteville, Arkansas, ⁣was arrested on ⁣Aug. 30 for his involvement in the ‌Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol incursion, according to The New York ‍Times.

The FBI requested access to Hughes’ gun safe during a search of​ his home that day. Despite no court order requiring them‍ to do so, Liberty Safe⁢ voluntarily provided the‌ passcode to the FBI, as reported by the Times.

Hughes’ lawyer, William Shipley, described Liberty Safe’s actions as a betrayal, considering there ⁢was no ⁤legal obligation for them ​to ⁤cooperate with the FBI.

Hughes’ case has gained attention from conservative duo the “Hodgetwins,” who referred to him as an “outspoken ⁣American Patriot”​ and a “friend of ours.”

The ⁢Hodgetwins⁢ shared a⁤ video of⁤ Hughes’ arrest and the arrival of an‌ FBI convoy at his ​home. Due to the FBI disabling ⁢his home security system, there is no footage ⁢of the search itself.

Meanwhile, Liberty Safe has attempted to address the backlash by​ allowing customers to remove their ⁣safe’s passcodes from the company’s database.

“Effective immediately, customers can visit and fill out the form to⁣ have records of their access codes expunged,” Liberty Safe said in a statement shared on X.

“Our‍ mission is to protect what⁤ matters most to our customers, whether that be valuables or privacy,” the statement ⁣said. “It is ⁤our pledge ⁢to continue to make excellent products that ‍serve gun‌ owners everywhere.”

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