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Report: Liberal pollsters hide poll showing Americans against transgender procedures on children.

Democrat-Linked Polling Group Hides Results of Survey Opposing Transgender Procedures on Children

A new report claims that a Democrat-linked polling group, Change Research, is “keeping quiet” about its findings from a survey that shows Americans oppose transgender procedures on children. The Daily Mail gained access to an invitation-only web event hosted by the San Francisco-based group, during which they unveiled the new poll results. The group leaders then “privately hatched plans to ‘educate’ the public by ‘rebranding puberty blockers‘”.

Concealing Results to Reshape US Attitudes on Gender Ideology and Trans Treatments on Kids

The poll of more than 1,200 voters conducted between April 28 and May 2 found that a majority (60%) of Americans believe sex is assigned at birth and that can’t be changed. Fifty-six percent also oppose prescribing puberty blockers to children and 60% oppose sex-altering surgeries, such as breast removal. Just a third of those surveyed support such procedures on children.

But the poll also reportedly found Americans were reasonable about the issue. Those surveyed appeared willing to allow children to get sex-reassignment counseling with their parents involved. They were also OK with other treatments as long as they were reversible. However, those polled opposed “permanent” or “physical, non-reversible changes to the body.”

Rebranding Puberty Blockers

Lead pollster Betsy App called the results “bad news”. “We are facing an uphill battle when it comes to voters’ fundamental beliefs about the relationship between sex and gender,” she reportedly told the online session. App, a mother of three including a “gender creative first-grader,” told the online session they need to use the term “gender affirming care,” calling it a “great term that we should continue using” because it resonates with the public. But she said “puberty blockers” should be abandoned. “One of the key next steps is rebranding puberty blockers,” she said. “This is a term that’s not doing us any favors.”


The Daily Mail reported that Change Research wanted to conceal its results “with the stated goal of reshaping US attitudes on gender ideology and trans treatments on kids.” The views expressed in this piece are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent those of The Daily Wire.

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