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Cities sue car makers for making cars easy to steal.

Democrats Blame Car Makers for Crime Wave

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the Democrats pull another trick out of their hat to avoid responsibility for soft-on-crime policies which have sent lawlessness skyrocketing around the nation.

The cities of Baltimore, St. Louis, and Seattle, among other municipalities, announced a lawsuit against two car-makers for allegedly making vehicles that are too easy to steal.

The Lawsuit

On Thursday, the cities released a press release stating the lawsuit is “against Hyundai and Kia for failing to equip their vehicles with industry-standard vehicle immobilization technology. Without this feature, vehicles can be started without a key, a flaw that has been the subject of numerous TikTok videos demonstrating the ease with which these cars can be stolen.”

According to Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott, defunding the police the creation of certain parts found in Hyundai and Kia vehicles is to blame for the record-breaking car thefts.

“These cost-cutting measures employed by Hyundai and Kia at the expense of public safety are unacceptable,” Scott said in a press release. “They have left our residents vulnerable to crime and are significantly burdening our police resources.”

To the city’s credit, Kias and Hyundais do appear to constitute a plurality of car thefts in Baltimore in 2023.

“Year-to-date, auto thefts are up 95%, with Kia and Hyundais representing 41% of all stolen vehicles,” Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said in a statement.

Yet what can explain the other 59% of car thefts this year?

The Real Issue

Well, perhaps Baltimore’s anti-police track record, its tendency to dole out lenient punishments, and its fatherlessness rate can explain the issue.

Looking at those policies could also clarify why Baltimore has the third highest homicide rate per capita in the nation in 2023, followed by St. Louis coming in fourth. Seattle fares better in that category, but even Seattle can’t say that Kia and Hyundai are to blame for its 15-year-high violent crime rate in 2022.

Admitting that leftist policies and broken homes are more likely to blame for the chaos would require Democrats to accept responsibility for their actions. So instead, they’ll blame those evil corporations.


It’s time for Democrats to take responsibility for their actions and stop blaming others for their failures. The real issue is their soft-on-crime policies and broken homes, not car manufacturers. Let’s focus on finding real solutions to the crime wave instead of playing the blame game.

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