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LGBT Park Staffer celebrates ‘Pride’ Parade at Yosemite: ‘Gay community embraces National Park System’

The Radical Left Takes Over Yosemite National Park with Controversial Pride Parade

The radical left has to push itself literally into every aspect of our lives so they can jam their agenda down our throats. The latest inappropriate act turned Yosemite National Park, one of our dearest national monuments, into a debauched party to push their corrupt sexual agenda. And Joe Biden’s park rangers were only too happy to help.

The controversy ensued when drag queen and environmentalist wacko Pattie Gonia — whose real name is Wyn Wiley — posted a video to Chinese-owned social media site TikTok showing a June 8 “pride” parade conducted by staffers of the National Park Service, whose solemn job is supposed to be taking care of our pristine parks, not pushing radical political agendas.

“Hello, in case you didn’t know, gay people are literally taking over the National Park system,” the drag queen says on his video while dressed as an NPS park ranger sporting a mustache, long auburn wig and miniskirt, and waving a small transgender and a rainbow gay-pride flag.

The video shows dozens and dozens — of not hundreds — of park employees and park visitors waving gay flags and parading through the park in thrall to their sexual agenda.

The openly bragging Pattie Gonia also says that this is the third year in a row he has helped host this act of politics inside our national parks. Literally crooning about how he is shoving his sexuality in everyone’s faces.

“As you can see, there are literal hundreds of queer Yosemite employees,” the drag queen says. “We danced. We marched. We celebrated. And we got wet. I am so proud of all the community organizers in the park system who are making safe space for queer people all year round.”

@pattiegonia all parks are gay now, those are the rules. #pride #yosemite #queer ♬ original sound – pattiegonia

“No planet, no Pride,” the drag queen added. “Mother Nature is a lesbian. Goodbye.”

The increasingly woke NPS also posted about the event on its Instagram account.

Conservative activist and founder of Turning Points USA Charlie Kirk was disgusted by the display. “Now even our national parks are hosting drag queens for ‘Pride Month,’” he wrote to his 2.3 million followers on Twitter.

On Kirk’s tweet, some of his supporters called for a boycott of the park.

“It’s time to boycott Yosemite!!!” one said.

“Looks like we’ll skip the hike today,” said another.

“I won’t be going there anymore,” yet another commented.

Political displays like this really don’t belong in our national parks. Imagine if a heterosexual group decided to hold a giant parade through Yosemite? Democrats would be denouncing it from the rooftops.

Why would a lover of the outdoors want to go to a national park only to be confronted with someone’s sexual proclivities on blatant display, and in front of children, yet?

Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s NPS is denying permits for Independence Day fireworks events at Mount Rushmore. Debauched gay parades are OK, but displays of patriotism are forbidden in Joe Biden’s parks.

But the sad fact is, nowhere is sacred from being used to push the left’s political agenda. Not places of business, not the halls of government, not the sanctuary of churches, and not even the sanctity of pristine nature. Everywhere is open to their political agenda, as far as leftists are concerned.

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