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Chicago Mayor’s weak rhetoric fails to hide a significant crime issue.

Chicago Mayor’s Lame ⁢Word Games Can’t Cover Up ⁤a Big ⁣Crime ‌Problem

As a public service to Mayor Brandon Johnson of Chicago, here ​is the⁤ definition ​of “mob” (provided by,⁤ which he apparently⁤ does not know:

Mob (noun): 1. a disorderly or riotous crowd ⁢of people; 2.‍ a crowd bent on or⁢ engaged in ⁤lawless violence.

It does not, as the mayor recently implied, ‌have to refer ⁣to ⁤the Mafia. And no matter what the definition is, Johnson’s words do excuse criminal behavior.

At the end of July, a mob swarmed through a Chicago ⁤7-Eleven in what‌ WBBM-TV called‍ a “teen takeover.”

Video footage shows‍ kids charging into the store, ‍knocking over displays and ‍running​ out ‍with stolen ⁣merchandise. In some cases, ⁢the teens were just there to destroy⁢ things and wreak⁤ havoc.

To their credit, Chicago police ⁤responded quickly and arrested 40 ⁢of the alleged participants. Some of the apprehended teens have parents who will undoubtedly punish them. However, they also need to face charges and consequences for​ their actions. Whether this will happen ‍remains to be seen.

If‍ it was up to​ Johnson,‍ though, the looters ⁣would probably be set free with an ⁢apology from the city.

When Johnson ‍was ⁤questioned⁤ about the looting, rather than thank the police and ​talk about what‌ the city would do ⁤to stop these​ raids ⁢from happening, the mayor took issue with a reporter ‌who said the⁣ teenagers had participated in‍ a “mob⁣ action.”

“That’s not appropriate,” Johnson told the reporter. “We’re not talking about mob actions.”

“It’s important⁢ that we speak of these dynamics ​in⁣ an appropriate ⁢way. This is‌ not to obfuscate what has​ actually taken place, but we have to be very‌ careful when we⁢ use language to describe certain behavior. There’s history in this city. ‌I mean, to refer ⁢to‍ children as, ⁣like, baby Al Capones is not appropriate.”

Johnson instead referred ​to the criminal mobs ‍as “large gatherings.”

People ‌quickly‌ criticized Johnson for missing the point, perhaps ⁤on purpose. “Got ⁤it. Referring to ⁤the mobs of‌ looting criminals as⁣ a mob is ‌the⁢ problem. Thanks, Mayor,” one person tweeted.

Fraternal Order of Police president John Catanzara ‍said‌ the action was not a⁤ “teen takeover.”

“It was ⁢looting. It was mob action,” Catanzara said, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

“Nobody is renaming ⁣anybody little mini Al Capones. ‍But they ‌certainly, in‌ many ⁤cases, had the same terrorizing effect⁣ that Al Capone had 100 ⁤years ‍ago with these ‘teen takeovers,’ where they think they can do whatever they want with no repercussions, no parental supervision and no accountability.”

These teens are not⁤ “baby Al Capones,” but they⁣ are criminals and need to be treated as such under the⁤ law.

One has to wonder if the mayor objects to​ the term “flash mob” ⁣as if​ it is supposed to refer​ to⁤ Mafia bosses unexpectedly ⁢bursting into song and dance.

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