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Left-wing group teams up with pharmaceutical companies to promote transgenderism in hospitals.

Leftist Activist Group Teams Up with Big Pharma to Push Transgender Ideology in American Hospitals

A recent report has revealed that the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), a leftist organization that supports transgenderism, has teamed up with big pharma to push transgender ideology in American hospitals.

The HRC created a scorecard called the “Healthcare Equality Index,” which measures “healthcare facilities’ policies and practices related to the equity and inclusion of their LGBTQ+ patients, visitors, and employees.” The report evaluates more than 2,200 healthcare facilities nationwide and discusses a number of different factors, including hospitals’ approach to gender transition attempts and their support for “pro-equality legislation.”

The Healthcare Equality Index 2022

The Healthcare Equality Index 2022 asked participants a series of questions about LGBTQ-inclusive policies and practices. The report was split up into four criteria, including:

  • Patient and Community Engagement
  • Employee Benefits and Policies, which includes Transgender-Inclusive Health Insurance
  • Patient Services and Support, which includes LGBTQ+ Patient Services and Support and Transgender Patient Services and Support
  • Clinical Services, which includes certain transgender-specific clinical services and an externally promoted multidisciplinary gender clinic for either adults and/or youth

A hospital can also lose points if it engages in an activity that HRC considers to be “discriminatory.”

HRC notes that their Healthcare Equality Index “was funded in part by grants from PhRMA and Pfizer, Inc.”

Brian Newell, a spokesperson for PhRMA, said in a statement that the trade association “was not involved in the development” of the scoring system, also adding “Our work with the [Human Rights Campaign] has primarily focused on issues impacting patient access and affordability, including for those with HIV.”

Pushing Transgenderism in Hospitals

Beth Rempe, who worked as a nurse at Washington DC’s Children’s National Hospital in 2019, explained how transgenderism was pushed at the institution. Rempe noted that doctors started to wear transgender pride flag pins while nurses began asking children their preferred pronouns. Meanwhile, a mandatory training taught staff how to be “supportive and affirming in working with trans people.”

“I was concerned that I would eventually have to administer puberty blockers and hormones, not just use the pronouns,” Rempe remarked before going on to add “I kept finding myself in situations I wasn’t comfortable with ethically.”

It is important to be aware of the push for transgender ideology in American hospitals and to consider the ethical implications of such practices.

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