Doctor who performed late-term abortions dies on patron saint of unborn babies’ feast day.

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U.S. Schools Failing Our Children, National Report Card Shows

The latest National Report Card has revealed that U.S. schools are failing our children. Scores in U.S. History and Civics have dropped for 8th graders, highlighting the need for urgent action to improve the education system.

Florida State Representative Randy Fine Signs Anti-Hate Bill in Israel

Florida State Representative Randy Fine has traveled to Israel for a special signing of an anti-hate bill by Governor Ron DeSantis. This important legislation sends a strong message that hate has no place in our society.

Hollywood Industry Claims to Stand Up for the Oppressed

The Hollywood industry has become increasingly progressive, claiming to stand up for the rights of those who they deem oppressed or disadvantaged. However, some critics argue that their actions do not always match their words.

Medibank Private Faces Class Action Suit

Australian health insurer Medibank Private Ltd is facing a class action suit filed against it by Slater. This is a developing story, and we will bring you updates as they become available.

Capita Confirms Data Breach

British outsourcing company Capita has confirmed that some data it processed was likely to have been hacked during a recent cyber attack. This is a reminder of the importance of strong cybersecurity measures in today’s digital age.

President Biden Meets with AI Company CEOs

President Joe Biden recently met with CEOs of top artificial intelligence companies, including Microsoft, to discuss the future of AI and its potential impact on society. This is an exciting time for innovation and technological advancement.

Telecom Italia Unhappy with Sweetened Bids

Telecom Italia (TIM) has expressed its dissatisfaction with sweetened bids submitted by potential buyers. This is a developing story, and we will bring you updates as they become available.

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