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Laken Riley murder: 5 cases of murder involving illegal immigrants

The‌ Brutal Murder of​ Georgia Nursing Student Highlights the Issue of Crime Committed by Immigrants

The recent tragic murder of Georgia nursing​ student Laken Riley⁤ has once again‌ brought attention to the alarming trend of ⁢violent crimes allegedly committed ‍by immigrants who have crossed the southern ‌border illegally ⁣under President Joe Biden. This ​is just one of many incidents that have occurred since 2021, when ​over 6 million ​illegal immigrants entered the ‌United States from Mexico⁣ and were subsequently arrested by federal police.

The⁣ situation at the border has overwhelmed​ Border Patrol agents and facilities, leading to‌ the release ‌of numerous immigrants into⁣ the‍ country instead⁣ of deportation. While these individuals are supposed to undergo background checks, these‌ checks only scan‍ against the ⁢FBI terrorist watch ⁣list and U.S. criminal databases,⁣ leaving their⁣ criminal​ records in ⁤other countries ⁣unknown.

It is important ⁣to note that crime committed by illegal immigrants is not a new phenomenon. The infamous 2015⁢ shooting death of Californian ​Kate Steinle, for example, led to the arrest and charging‌ of a ⁤Mexican illegal​ immigrant‌ named⁣ Jose Inez Garcia Zarate,‌ who had been deported five times prior. However, he was eventually not convicted for her⁤ death.

Addressing the Issue

In response to such incidents,⁤ Senator⁤ Ted Cruz introduced Kate’s Law, ⁢which would require a mandatory five-year minimum ​prison sentence for any ⁢illegal ‍immigrant with ‍prior criminal convictions who is arrested on new ⁢charges. Despite years of unsuccessful attempts⁢ to pass this legislation, Cruz and ⁢other​ Republicans reintroduced the bill last year.

As more immigrants⁢ continue to be released ⁤into the country after crossing‌ the southern border​ illegally,‍ media reports have frequently highlighted instances where‍ suspects were identified by ‌law enforcement as⁢ illegal immigrants. Here are five incidents in the past six months ‍where illegal immigrants were arrested in murder‌ and homicide cases:

  1. Maryland

    An⁣ illegal immigrant from⁢ El⁣ Salvador was ⁣arrested in Langley Park, Maryland, in February for the death⁣ of a 2-year-old⁤ boy who was ⁣shot​ and killed. The suspect, Nilson​ Trejo-Granados, had previously been charged with theft⁢ in ⁢Maryland, but local​ officials refused to ​hold him in custody‍ despite ICE’s request. Trejo-Granados had been ordered deported by a federal immigration ‍judge,​ but ICE had‌ not ‌been able to ​take him into custody.

  2. Minnesota

    In January, a​ man posing as a UPS delivery​ truck driver, Alonzo ‍Pierre Mingo, and‍ two accomplices fatally‌ shot three adults in a⁤ Minneapolis ​suburb. Mingo ⁣had⁢ previously ‌been detained by ICE and was convicted of felony gun possession in federal court. UPS confirmed that ⁤they had hired⁢ him as a seasonal employee.

  3. Colorado

    In December, a Denver woman and her teenage son were⁤ killed​ by a drunk driver who ‍had been previously deported four ‌times. Jose‍ Guadalupe Menjivar-Alas was arrested in ‌connection​ with​ the deaths. He had also been arrested multiple times for alcohol-related driving offenses.

  4. Texas

    Jose⁣ Santiago⁢ Chairez, ⁢an ‌illegal ⁣immigrant, was arrested for the murders of two sisters‌ and the‌ shooting of his own daughter in Dallas. The motive behind the attack remains undisclosed. ICE ‌has requested that local police keep Chairez in ⁢custody until he can be transferred ‍to ⁤federal custody.

  5. Ohio

    A Haitian illegal ⁤immigrant was charged for causing a vehicle crash ​that injured 26​ school children and ‍killed​ an 11-year-old boy. Hermanio Joseph, who obtained an invalid ‌license from the Mexican ⁤government, faces a ⁢felony vehicular homicide ⁣charge.

These incidents serve as a stark ⁢reminder of the need for comprehensive immigration reform and⁣ stricter enforcement measures.⁣ The safety and well-being‌ of American citizens should ‌always⁣ be ⁣a top priority.

How do these cases of murder ‍committed by illegal immigrants in different states​ highlight the ​need ‍for stricter immigration policies⁢ and stronger border⁣ security?

In Maryland in January 2022 for the murder of a 16-year-old girl. The suspect, who had been previously deported, was charged⁢ with first-degree murder ⁤and assault.

New York

In February 2022, an ‍illegal immigrant from Honduras was arrested in New York for ⁤the murder of ⁤a 92-year-old woman. ⁣The ‌suspect had been living in the United States illegally for several years.


In March 2022, an illegal immigrant from Mexico was arrested in Texas for the murder of a 20-year-old woman. The suspect had crossed the border illegally and had a previous criminal record.


In April 2022, an‌ illegal immigrant from Guatemala was arrested in ⁣California for the murder of a 25-year-old man. The suspect had ⁤been previously deported and ⁤had re-entered the country illegally.


In ​May 2022, an illegal immigrant from Cuba was arrested in Florida for the murder of a 30-year-old woman. The suspect had entered the country illegally and had ⁣a‌ history of violence.

These⁢ cases highlight the need for stricter immigration policies‍ and‌ stronger border security. The government should prioritize deporting ⁢illegal immigrants with prior⁣ criminal convictions and ensuring that they are not⁣ released back into the country.

Furthermore, law enforcement agencies should have access to comprehensive‌ criminal background checks ⁢for all immigrants, including those who have crossed the border illegally. This would help identify⁢ individuals with a history​ of violent⁢ crimes in their home countries and prevent them⁢ from posing a threat to the safety of American citizens.

In addition to addressing the issue ⁣at the border,‌ it ⁢is crucial to focus on providing support and resources to local law enforcement to effectively investigate and prosecute crimes committed by ​immigrants. This includes increasing funding ⁣for⁤ law​ enforcement agencies, improving coordination between ​federal, ​state, ​and ‍local authorities, and enhancing training on immigration enforcement ⁤and criminal investigations.

It is⁤ important to acknowledge that the ‌majority of immigrants, including those who have entered ‍the country illegally, are law-abiding individuals seeking a better life. However, ​it is equally important ‍to address‍ the issue of crime committed by a small minority of individuals⁣ within this population. By implementing stronger immigration policies and improving the capabilities of law enforcement, we can better‌ protect our communities and ensure the safety of all residents.

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