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LA Mayor Karen Bass asserts that crime persists due to the allure of financial gain.

Democratic​ Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass: Profits Driving Crime

During a recent ⁢television interview, Mayor ​Karen Bass of Los Angeles ⁤discussed the alarming rise in mass retail theft ​plaguing her city. She highlighted the role of profits as the primary ‌motivator for criminals engaging in these criminal activities.

The interview showcased a “flash-rob” incident that occurred earlier this month, involving over 30 masked ⁣individuals who stole ⁤merchandise worth ​$300,000 from ‍a Nordstrom department store.

Addressing the Issue

As clips from the Nordstrom incident⁣ played during‍ the segment, Mayor Bass expressed her⁤ perspective, stating, “Well, you know what, things‍ like this happen when there’s profits to be made.”

Mayor Bass ⁣also shared positive ⁣news ⁢about recent law enforcement efforts.​ A joint force ⁤comprising the Los Angeles Police Department, Los ⁢Angeles Sheriff’s Department, U.S. Marshals Apprehension Task Force, and FBI Apprehension Task Force successfully made 11 arrests, resulting in felony⁤ charges.

However, when questioned about the potential influence of criminal justice ⁢reform on the increase in crime, Mayor Bass firmly objected, emphasizing that ​”The reforms ​that people object to have ⁣nothing, nothing to do​ with these crimes.”

Mayor Bass drew attention to the online ​sale of stolen⁤ goods, stating, “And one‍ of the ‌things that we ⁣need to look at, though, ‌rest assured, they are not selling $10,000 purses in ⁤poor communities. ⁤They are selling those purses online; they’re selling​ those two stolen goods online. And so I believe, when you have a crime like that, all of the ⁤actors are culpable and need to⁤ be dealt with, and so we need to ‌look at ‍the online sales of‌ stolen property because that’s what it is.”

Consequences and Statistics

Mayor Bass highlighted ⁣the⁢ use ‌of bear spray as one of the ‍”major consequences” faced by those caught committing felony theft.

According‌ to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s ⁤Office, between‍ the fall of 2021 ⁤and⁣ August 16, there have been at least 170 organized retail thefts, including smash and ⁣grab incidents, within ⁣the city’s jurisdiction.

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