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Kirk Cameron’s new book on ‘Pride’ coincides with LGBT Narcissism Month.

A Children’s Book That Teaches Humility

Corporate America, radical book publishers, public schools, and media cheerleaders are all gearing up for pride month. But amidst all the noise, a different kind of “pride” book is hitting shelves on June 1. “Pride Comes Before the Fall” is the latest children’s book from Brave Books and actor and author Kirk Cameron. It’s not an anti-LGBT book, but rather the first of several books from Brave that will cover the seven deadly sins, starting with pride because, as Cameron says, “It’s the deadliest.”

The book features a fable about a strong and puffed-up tiger named Valor who learns about the consequences of pride and the power of humility, patience, and forgiveness. Accompanying the bright illustrations by Steve Crespo is a “Brave Challenge” at the back of the book, which includes games and questions for parents to use in instructing their kids about humility.

Brave Books founder and CEO Trent Talbot says, “We just wanted to provide an alternative message while they are going to spend the month at school, at Barnes and Noble, at Target seeing the message that pride is good. We wanted to give parents a tool to be able to have an important conversation about the topic of pride and humility.”

So take back your children and nourish their hearts and minds with what is good and true and beautiful. As Cameron says, “It just requires courage.”

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Speak Up for Children and Truth

It’s time to use our voices and defend what’s right. As Kirk Cameron says, “If you’re not in the fight to preserve a good and healthy future for our children, you’re worse than an unbeliever because this is your sacred duty: to love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself.”

Don’t believe that you don’t have any power or influence. Look at the impact that Christian conservative parents and grandparents had on Target and Bud Light. We have the ability to effect change.

A Better Example

It’s easy to shy away from cultural battles, but as faithful Christians, we must remember that Jesus was outspoken about moral issues. We need to follow His example and speak the truth in love. We can’t let pride get in the way of doing what’s right.

“If you’re out of the culture war, then that’s not loving. You’re being complicit to the evil. All that evil needs to advance is good men to do nothing, so get involved. Be brave. Get a backbone. And follow the most humble man in the world. That’s what I’m trying to do.”

Being Brave

Kirk Cameron is leading by example. He’s taking truth to parents and children around the country with his book, “Pride Comes Before the Fall.” He’s even hosting library story hours where they pray, sing, and read uplifting children’s tales together. And now, story hour attendees will get to hear “Pride Comes Before the Fall.”

Everyone is welcome to attend, even those who don’t agree with him. Kirk Cameron believes that if people want to attack someone who wants to teach children about humility, that’s evidence of their pride. He hopes they will come and learn the value of humility.

If you’d like a copy of “Pride Comes Before the Fall,” you can pick one up starting June 1 or preorder it on Amazon today. Better yet, you can get the book for free if you subscribe to the Freedom Island Book Club in June.

Don’t miss Kirk Cameron reading the book for the first time publicly at the Seattle Public Library this Saturday, May 27, with special guest Joe Kennedy, the high school football coach who was fired for praying after games. And keep your eye open for a Brave Book Tour stop near you.

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