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Win a state by killing and raping Jews

The summary covers the contentious issue of European ⁤countries deciding on recognizing‌ a Palestinian state after a horrific incident‍ involving⁤ Hamas. Despite the lack of a ⁢Palestinian state with⁣ essential attributes, some nations, like Ireland, Norway, and ​Spain, are considering recognition. ⁣The piece delves ‌into ‌the grim⁣ actions of Hamas, questioning the rationale behind supporting entities committing atrocities.

The question on the European continent for 150 years has been whether to appease evil — to give evil what it wants in the hope that evil will then suddenly become good or at least non-offensive — or whether to fight evil and allow others to fight evil.

That battle did not end with World War II. That battle is ongoing.

On Wednesday, the State of Israel and the parents of victims who were kidnapped on October 7 and are now presumably being held and raped by Hamas, released tape from October 7 of Hamas kidnapping these females. We’re talking about women who are 18- to 20-years-old who served at a base where their job was largely to monitor the Gaza border.

On October 7, Hamas stormed the Gaza border. They killed a huge number of the women who were at this base, and then they proceeded to kidnap the others.

Until now, the footage of Hamas celebrating the capture of these women had not been released. It’s very difficult to watch.

This is what Hamas is in a nutshell, aside from the kidnapping of actual babies and the killing of other babies and the raping of women. Some of the video has been cut because there are dead bodies all over the ground, as Hamas walked in and slaughtered female soldiers.

The video shows girls seated against a wall with their hands behind their backs. The terrorists use a term for the girls that was used by ISIS to mean “sex slave” for Yazidi women. It means female captive that you own, which presumably means that you can rape those particular women.

This is nothing new from Hamas. We know that Hamas engaged in mass rape on October 7. We also know the women in captivity were raped. They’ve testified about that much.

There are some online who are doubting that Hamas actually engaged in rape. Yet there is tape of a member of Hamas telling Israeli interrogators about what he did to Israeli women during October 7.

The interrogator asks, “Approximately how old was the victim who was raped by your father?” The Hamas terrorist says, ”About 30 years old.” Interrogator: “Your father was the first to rape?” Terrorist: “Yes. Then I and Ahmed, we raped her, too, and then we left. But I left before my father and Hassan. Ahmed and I left.” Interrogator: “You left after you raped her?” Terrorist: “Yes, after we raped her.” Interrogator: “You left and went where?” Terrorist: “We left the house.” Interrogator: “Was she alive?” Terrorist: “No, my father killed her. After he finished raping her, my father killed her.”

That is what this Hamas savage said.

These are the people who the Europeans have decided deserve a state. In the aftermath of October 7, large portions of Europe are on the fence, and there are some portions of Europe that have decided that Hamas deserves a state. On Wednesday, Ireland, Norway, and Spain all said that they would recognize a Palestinian state.

Let’s make very clear, they are rewarding Hamas. On October 6, none of these states recognized a Palestinian state.

There is no Palestinian state. It exists like Narnia exists, or more appropriately, like Mordor exists. The Palestinian state does not exist. It does not have a government. It doesn’t have borders. It doesn’t have citizenship.

But they are recognizing it in the aftermath of the slaughter of October 7. On October 6, there was no Palestinian recognition, and then October 7 happened, the greatest slaughter of Jews since World War II, which was followed by the kidnapping of 250 people; the holding hostage of women, children, elderly, Americans, and foreigners; and Hamas getting it’s a** kicked by the IDF.

That is all that has happened since October 6. Apparently, that is what earns you a state in the modern world.

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Let’s put aside all of this nonsense about how the modern world is all about self-determination because none of these people are stumping for an independent Kurdistan. I noticed that Spain is not talking about an independent Catalonia. There is no talk of a Basque independence.

So self-determination is not the key issue here. The truth is that, normally, when a state is established, a state is established through force of arms. Typically speaking, that’s been true throughout human history. Then once that state can hold its own, people either recognize it or don’t recognize it. But the real question is what that state will look like afterward.

We know exactly what a Palestinian state would look like afterward because we can see it in action right now. Israel pulled out of the Gaza Strip in 2005, and the Palestinians proceeded to elect Hamas, who then proceeded to kill many of its opponents. The Palestinians, by and large, support Hamas, which turned the Gaza Strip into the world’s most nefarious terror state, filled with hundreds of kilometers of terror tunnels, rockets, sophisticated drones, and ammunition?

All of this is symbolic. It doesn’t matter what Ireland says. It doesn’t matter what Spain says. It doesn’t matter what Norway says. I will note that all three of these countries were neutral during World War II on the Nazis.

I guess they missed their opportunity to just openly side with them the first time.

Now they’re going to side with today’s Nazis in Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, Islamic Jihad, and all the rest. This is all symbolic because there are 140 countries that currently “recognize a state of Palestine” but there is no state of Palestine because in order to have a state, you actually have to have a government, borders, and citizenship.

There is no Palestinian state that has any of these things. If there were a government in a Palestinian state, it would be the people who rape their supposed “sex slaves” among Israeli women and murder babies. That would be the government.

According to polling data, before October 7, Fatah, which is the military arm of the Palestinian Authority, was barely more popular than Hamas in Judea and Samaria, the so-called West Bank. But today, Hamas would actually defeat Fatah in Judea, Samaria, and the Gaza Strip. “Fifty-nine percent of all Palestinians think Hamas should rule Gaza. 70 percent were satisfied with the role that Hamas played during the war.”

Even among people who believed before October 7 that Fatah should win, “56 percent believed the person who should lead a Palestinian government is a man named Marwan Barghouti, who is serving multiple life sentences for his role in the murder of Jews during the Second Intifada.”

Again, let’s be clear. It would be a terror government.

What is basically being said is: Go slaughter, kill, rape, and maim Jews — and get a state. That is the logic of Ireland, Norway, and Spain.

When European countries say they recognize a state of Palestine without borders, what they are really recognizing is an attempt to destroy the State of Israel and kill all the Jews living in it because that is the actual desire of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

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