Kennedy: Securing Border Will Do 'a Lot More' for Addiction Problem 'Than Safe Crack Pipes'


Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) on Tuesday reacted to the Justice Department weighing the creation of so-called safe injection sites in an effort to prevent fatal overdoses.

Kennedy said on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom” that if the Biden administration wants to solve the addiction problem in the United States, then it needs to secure the border. He argued that would “do a lot more than safe crack pipes.”

“[T]here almost aren’t words in English. The Biden administration — they just keep on rocking it in the free world. I mean, every single day, reality calls, and the Biden administration just hangs up,” Kennedy emphasized. “I don’t think when moms and dads lie down at night in America and can’t sleep. They are worried about clean injection sites and sterile crack pipes. The issue, Mr. President, is crime. The issue, Mr. President, is how to stop it — not how to encourage it.”

“Look, I’ve passed bills dealing with opioid abuse, and we’re all concerned about the addiction problem. But you want to hit the addiction problem in America a hard lick? Seal the border right now,” he added. “President Biden’s policy is this: If you are a Nigerian doctor or a German machinist who wants to come to America, you have to be vetted for years. But if you are some gang-banger drug dealer who just hops the fence at the border, you are welcome. And we’ll fly you anywhere you want in America. Now, that is just bone-deep, down to the marrow stupid. And I’m all for helping people with drug addiction. But the way to deal with it, number one, is just to secure the border. Will it completely solve the problem? No, but it will do a lot more than safe crack pipes.”

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