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Kellyanne Conway criticizes Kamala Harris on Afghanistan withdrawal.

Former Presidential Counselor Kellyanne Conway Slams Vice ⁣President Kamala Harris and Urges​ Republican Presidential Contenders to Step Up Foreign Policy Game

In a scathing critique, Kellyanne Conway took aim at ‍Vice President Kamala Harris and the Biden administration’s global performance, calling on Republican presidential contenders to elevate their foreign policy‍ strategies. Conway specifically directed her criticism towards the first female vice president, accusing Harris and other Biden officials of bringing embarrassment ⁤to the United States with their highly criticized withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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“‘Commander-in-chief’ [Joe] Biden has been reckless and feckless in foreign affairs, and his deputy, Kamala Harris, has embarrassed us on the world stage,”

Conway expressed in an opinion piece for Fox News.

“What’s‌ the point of having a female vice president​ if, due to her and Biden’s impulsive, deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan, ‌Afghan ‌women are less free?”

Harris has faced backlash for her performance on the global stage, including criticism of a speech she made in Ghana that was deemed a “word​ salad.” Additionally, she‍ has been ‍scrutinized for her involvement in immigration and the U.S.-Mexico border.⁤ Despite these challenges, Harris has embarked on trips to Europe, Africa, and Latin America since taking office.

Foreign‍ policy has ⁣emerged as a crucial topic for ⁢Republican candidates vying to ​challenge the president in the upcoming general election. Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, who previously served as President Donald Trump’s ambassador to the United Nations, has made the U.S.’s relationship with⁢ China a focal point ⁤of her campaign.

Conway commended Trump’s foreign policy approach and questioned how non-Trump candidates would handle critical issues such⁤ as⁢ the Ukraine conflict, China’s increasing influence,⁢ and the fentanyl crisis in⁤ the United States.

“President Trump⁢ achieved peace through strength, becoming the first modern president⁣ to keep us out of new wars, eliminated ISIS and terrorist ⁣leaders, compelled other countries to step up their fair share in defense spending, kept Russia⁢ out of Ukraine, Iran out of ​Israel, and held China accountable⁢ on fentanyl, trade, and defense,”

Conway highlighted.

“What would Republican ​presidential candidates not named Trump do the same or do differently?”

Conway also outlined other key issues she​ will be monitoring during the GOP debate, including candidates’ positions on education, healthcare, abortion, their stance ⁢on Trump, ‍and their plans for improving the U.S. ⁣economy.

Eight top contenders for the Republican nomination will take the stage in‌ Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for the debate, which​ is scheduled to begin at 9⁣ p.m.​ EST and will be moderated by Fox News. Notably, former President Trump will not be participating in the event.

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