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Trial date set for Trump’s classified documents case by judge.

Former President Donald Trump’s Trial Date Set for August

Get ready for the trial of the century! Former President Donald Trump is scheduled to go on trial in August, according to an order handed down on June 20.

U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon, a Trump appointee, notified Trump, 77, and U.S. prosecutors of the scheduled date in a six-page order.

“This case is hereby set for a Criminal Jury Trial during the two-week period commencing August 14, 2023, or as soon thereafter as the case may be called,” Cannon wrote.

The trial will likely end up happening later than August, Politico reporter Kyle Cheney said, based on a review of how Cannon has handled other criminal cases.

“She has always set a super fast trial date, as a matter of practice, and then repeatedly continued it as trial matters arose. In every single case, big and small, save for a few quick plea deals,” Cheney wrote on Twitter.

Timothy Parlatore, who has represented Trump in the past, told Axios recently that “I wouldn’t foresee this thing getting tried within a year.”

Defendants are recognized in the U.S. court system as being entitled to a trial in a reasonable amount of time, or 180 days from an initial appearance for defendants who are not in pretrial detention.

But the parties can ask the court for additional time, as has happened in a number of cases through the years.

Cannon instructed the parties to file what are called speedy trial reports, or reports that could lead to delays in the trial happening, every 21 days. She also said any motions for additional time must include certain details, including whether the reasons for granting such a motion would outweigh Trump’s right to a speedy trial.

Other Parts of Order

A calendar call, or a meeting that involves lawyers representing Trump and co-defendant Waltine Nauta and prosecutors working with the judge to hammer out trial details, including the trial date, was scheduled for Aug. 8.

Parties were told to file all pretrial motions and motions in limine by July 24.

Prior to the calendar call, Cannon wants the lawyers to submit lists of proposed witnesses and exhibits for presentation at the trial.

Cannon also said lawyers should be prepared to outline what questions they want asked of potential jurors and that they should give her, before the call, proposed jury instructions.

Any change in plea must be made on the last business day before the trial is scheduled to begin.

In this courtroom sketch, attorney Todd Blanche stands as he enters a plea of not guilty on behalf of former President Donald Trump, second from right, in federal court in Miami, Fla., on June 13, 2023. From left are: Stanley Woodward, Walt Nauta, Blanche, Trump, and Chris Kise. (Elizabeth Williams via AP)

First Appearance

It’s official! Trump and Nauta pleaded not guilty during their arraignment on June 13 in the U.S. courthouse in Miami, Florida.

Trump’s plea was entered by Todd Blanche, one of his lawyers. “We most certainly enter a plea of not guilty,” Blanche said. Trump did not speak during the arraignment.

Prosecutors presented evidence that Trump violated federal law by holding onto sensitive documents after leaving office in 2021, showing the documents to people who lacked security clearance, and obstructing the investigation into the documents.

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