Judge Overseeing Trump Case Appears to Have Donated to Biden’s Campaign and ‘Stop Republicans’ Group: FEC Records

According to a recent review of Federal Election Commission ( FEC ) records, Juan Merchan, the judge in charge of the Manhattan criminal case against former President Donald Trump, appears to have given at least$ 35 to Trump’s 2020’s political rivals.

The FEC lists a$ 15 access for Joe Biden’s official 2020 battle,” Biden for President ,” from” Juan Merchan” in 2020.

A$ 10 donation to the” Progressive Turnout Project ,” an organization whose stated mission is to” rally Democrats to vote ,” is listed in another FEC entry.

A third FEC entry mentions a$ 10 donation to the Progressive Turnout Project’s”‘s Stop Republicans” subsidiary, which describes itself as” grassroots-funded effort dedicated to resisting the Republican Party and Donald Trumps’ radical right-wing legacy.”

The New York State Office of Court Administration ( NYS OCA ) is listed as the judge’s employer’s by the” Juan Merchan” who is identified as a judge and who resides in the Forest Hills neighborhood of the city in all three entries.

Before this article was published, neither Biden For President nor the Progressive Turnout Project responded to NTD News’ requests for comment.

Ethical Issues

If Merchan’s apparent’s social contributions are real, they may raise an ethical question for his handling of the Trump case.

According to Section 100.5 of the New York Code of Judicial Conduct, sitting judges are not permitted to” directly or indirectly participate in any social activity” other than voting, identifying themselves as members of a social party, and making comments” on behalf of measures to improve the law, the constitutional system, or the administration of justice.” The following are examples of prohibited political exercise:” Soliciting money for, paying an evaluation to, or contributing to a social organization or candidate.”

A sitting jury does not get social contributions at any time, especially to a federal parliamentary candidate outside of New York State, according to the yearly-updated book of the N.Y. State Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics.

A judge may also not” seek money for, yield an evaluation to, or make a contribution to” political organizations or candidates for public office, according to the American Bar Association’s Model’s Code of Judicial Conduct. Additionally, even when the jury is not the signer on the check,” a part-time judge who practices law does not permit his or her law firm to create political contributions using the checking account.”

These New York State criminal perform regulations are comparable to the Model Code of Judicial Conduct of the American Bar Association, which states that judges are not allowed to” contribute to a political organization or run for public office” unless expressly stated otherwise.

Whether and how these alleged social gifts by Merchan will affect the Trump way is still up in the air.

According to a representative for the New York court product,” We would have no option regarding any gifts, and may either party had any issues or concerns, it is for them to tackle directly with the Court.”

Before this article was published, NTD News contacted Merchan’s position for additional comment but did not hear back from them.

Trump’s Merchan’s Criticism

As Merchan prepares to monitor a criminal investigation against Trump on charges that he fabricated business records, his apparent political donations have come to light once more. In the 2020 presidential election, Trump was Biden’s main political rival. He is now vying for the Democratic nomination in 2024. Trump has frequently been positioned as the front-runner in the Republican presidential election of 2024 by Polling.

Merchan has already been charged with holding by Trump.

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