Judge imposes gag order following Trump’s Truth Social post about court clerk.

Former President Donald Trump speaks to the media as he⁤ arrives at New‌ York State Supreme Court. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

OAN’s Elizabeth Volberding
6:10 PM – Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Judge Arthur Engoron,⁢ overseeing former President Donald Trump’s New⁢ York‌ fraud trial, issued a‍ limited gag ‌order for all parties after Trump criticized the judge’s law clerk on Truth Social during the second day of the trial.


Engoron was ‍bothered ⁤by Trump’s social ⁣media post on Truth Social, where he reportedly made derogatory comments about the clerk.

This was brought up through a​ photo ⁢of the⁤ clerk posing with Senate ⁢Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), where Trump referred ⁢to the clerk⁤ as “Schumer’s girlfriend” and accused her of “running this ‍case against me.”

“How disgraceful!” Trump⁤ wrote ‍in the Truth Social post. “This ⁢case should ⁤be dismissed immediately!!”

The ⁤45th president mentioned Schumer and the ⁢clerk’s name again⁣ during ‌a break in the proceedings,⁤ claiming ‍that​ the ⁣trial was “rigged” and ​“fraudulent.” However, he later deleted the post.

The gag order was issued ‍after ‌the second ⁢day of the⁢ fraud trial, which Trump has been ⁤attending.

New York‍ Attorney General​ Letitia James has‌ accused Trump, two of his older sons, the​ Trump Organization, and top executives ‌of fraudulently valuing real estate properties to receive more⁢ favorable loan and insurance terms, as well as tax benefits.

Prosecutors have ‌also⁢ pushed the case against Trump and ⁣his company ⁤for what they claim are years of‌ “fraudulently inflating” the value of some of his most famous real estate properties.

“Consider this a gag order⁣ on all parties with⁢ respect⁢ to posting or publicly speaking about⁢ any⁤ member of my staff,”⁢ Engoron ‍said during Trump’s civil trial.

As a result, the judge issued the gag order excluding Trump and any party in ⁣the case ​from sharing ​posts ‍or ​speaking publicly ⁤about staff members. The former president posted “personally identifying information”‍ about the‌ principal clerk on the social media platform⁢ while the hearing was ongoing, she ‌claims.

The trial judge, without naming Trump, ⁣addressed the court on the subject, saying “one⁣ of the defendants” posted a ⁤“disparaging, untrue and personally identifying post” about staff.

“Personal attacks on members of my court staff are not appropriate, and I will not‌ tolerate it under any circumstance,”‌ Engoron declared.

The judge‍ also stated ⁢that he warned the counsel about ​the former president’s comments, however, “the warning was ignored.”

Trump’s fraud trial is expected to⁣ last‌ until December.

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What ​led to Judge ​Engoron issuing a limited gag⁢ order⁣ in the fraud trial⁢ involving Donald Trump?

Judge Arthur Engoron, who is ‌presiding over former President Donald ⁣Trump’s ​fraud trial in New York, has ⁢issued a limited gag order for ‌all parties involved. This comes ⁣after Trump criticized the judge’s law clerk on the social media platform Truth Social during the second day‌ of the trial.

The issue ‌arose from a photo of the law ⁤clerk posing with Senate Majority ⁢Leader Chuck Schumer, where Trump referred to her as “Schumer’s girlfriend” and​ accused her‌ of “running ​this case against me.” In⁢ a Truth Social ‌post, Trump expressed his disapproval, stating, ⁤”How disgraceful! This case should be dismissed immediately!!” However, he later deleted the post.

During⁢ a ‍break in the proceedings, the 45th president mentioned Schumer and the law clerk’s name again, claiming that the trial was “rigged” and “fraudulent.” It was after this incident that the gag ⁤order was ​issued. The order prohibits sharing posts or publicly speaking about any member of the judge’s ‌staff, excluding Trump and any party involved in the case.

The fraud trial, ⁣which ⁣Trump has been attending, involves accusations by New York⁤ Attorney General Letitia James ‍against Trump, his two older sons, the Trump Organization, and top executives. They are accused of fraudulently valuing real estate properties to manipulate loan and insurance terms,​ as well ‌as‍ tax​ benefits. Prosecutors have also alleged years of “fraudulently inflating” the value of some of Trump’s most famous real estate properties.

In response to Trump’s⁤ social media post‍ about the law clerk, the judge⁤ made it clear that personal​ attacks‍ on members of his⁢ court staff ⁣are not appropriate and ‌will not be tolerated under any circumstance.

The gag⁣ order​ serves​ as a⁤ reminder that all parties involved‌ in the trial⁢ should refrain from making derogatory ⁢comments or publicly speaking‍ about the ⁤judge’s staff members. It is essential‌ to maintain a professional and respectful environment during legal proceedings.

This development underscores the importance ​of‍ upholding the principles of fairness and dignity in‌ the courtroom. Personal attacks and derogatory comments not‍ only undermine the integrity of the trial but⁢ also create a hostile environment‍ that impedes justice.

As the ⁤trial progresses, it is crucial for all parties involved to focus on presenting their arguments and evidence while respecting the boundaries set by the court. Only by doing so can a fair and impartial judgment be reached.

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