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Judge Dismisses Obstruction Charge Against J6 Defendant Who Said ‘Spirit Of God’ Moved Him In Capitol

Amy Berman Jackson, D.C. District judge, was acquitted January 6 Friday ruling in favor of defendant accused of obstruction after finding that there was no evidence to support the defendant’s intent to stop Congress That day is today.

Joshua Black from Alabama was Cleared Jackson claimed the fact that Jackson was the one who accused of the charge. “unique stew in his mind” This was how Black was shown to have been unaware that he was being involved in illegal activities. Black was also convicted on other charges, including the carrying of a deadly weapon onto Capitol grounds.

Black was taken into custody shortly after the January 6th, 2021 riot at U.S. Capitol. Black posted a YouTube video about his experience at the U.S. Capitol after the riot. Black was also referred to by the FBI through an anonymous tip.

Black is seen in video and images from the riot with a bloody cheek. Black claimed that his cheek was bleeding from being hit with a projectile while trying to defend law enforcement against some of the protesters.

Black claimed in the YouTube video, which has been removed, that God led him into the Senate chamber.

“I just felt like the spirit of God wanted me to go into the Senate room,” He .

Jackson All of the above to Black’s justification in her decision to acquit the defendant of obstruction of justice.

Black’s attorneys that Black believed that the 2020 election had already been certified by the time he walked into the U.S. Capitol and the Senate chamber. Jackson said The defense was not refuted by the prosecutors.

Former President Barack Obama appointed Jackson and has been hard on defendants in trials relating to the riot at U.S. Capitol, January 6, 2021. She also criticised former President Donald Trump, and some of his Republican supporters. “so afraid of losing their power.”

“The judiciary … has to make it clear: It is not patriotism, it is not standing up for America to stand up for one man — who knows full well that he lost — instead of the Constitution he was trying to subvert,” Jackson September

The judge’s comments came as she delivered the sentence of defendant Kyle Young, who pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer and was sentenced to 86 months in prison.

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