Joy Overbeck: Democrats Plan Legal Heroin Shoot-Up Sites in Denver

House Bill 23-1202, which is based on the questionable belief that helping drug addicts to shoot up is the best way to deal with them, would allow Colorado cities and towns to open their own drug-shooting salons. Here, addicts could inject their drug of choice (usually heroin or methamphetamine) in a semiprivate booth. This is known as a “private booth”. “harm reduction site” As if allowing addicts to continue injecting poisonous substances into their bodies would reduce their addiction “harm” To them. In the event of an addict taking too much, medical personnel on-site would administer Naloxone. That’s what supporters of the bill call it. “saving a life.”

The Denver City Council adopted an ordinance in 2018 to create an “Avenue for Denver” “overdose prevention center (OPC)” In the city. This bill grants the required legislative authorization for this to finally occur in Colorado’s capital and all other cities within the state. Although the measure’s language is intended to encourage support, it makes many false claims about the reality of InSite OPC. It opened in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2003.

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