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Joseph disagrees with Kamala’s view that abortion is considered healthcare.

Death is not health. Harm is not care.

Abortion, the deliberate harming of an unborn child to cause death, is not health-giving.

The U.S. Constitution, under the 14th Amendment, provides that equal protection of the law against arbitrary deprivation of life must be applied to everyone impartially.

To approve and facilitate the denial of the right to life of any daughter or son in her or his mother’s womb is an indefensible injustice. (This truth does not apply, of course, to those cases where, in order to save a mother’s own life, genuinely necessary actions must be taken that result in the unintended death of her unborn child.)

There is no way that direct and deliberate medical or surgical killing of utterly defenseless unborn human beings while in their mothers’ wombs is benign administration of genuine health care.

For the smaller second patient in every pregnancy “chosen” and targeted for abortion, this “care” is both harmful and deadly.

An elective abortion procedure is the utterly callous killing of an innocent and unique new life that has already begun.

Under the rule of law, the natural continuity of every human life must be protected.

Kamala to Deny Health Care to the Smaller Patient in a Pregnancy?

Irrespective of size or independence or newness or old age, every human being has the same human right to go on living.

But Vice President Kamala Harris no doubt will ignore that truth when she gives a major speech in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Saturday to mark the first anniversary of the Roe v. Wade reversal.

According to a White House official, she plans to draw a contrast between the “Republicans’ extreme approach” to reproductive health care and that of the Biden administration.

Once more, she will demonstrate a shameful allegiance to errant pro-abortion ideology.

The truth is that there is nothing more extreme than a continuation of the industrial-scale calculated killing of millions of unborn children in their mothers’ wombs.

The injustice of routinely exterminating these smallest human beings should not remain hidden behind the “reproductive health care” euphemism.

When Harris speaks glibly of “reproductive health care,” she obscures the truth.

Abortion “clinics,” like other infamous venues of yesteryear that dealt in lethal ‘treatments’ and ‘final solutions’, should be closed down.

Genuine reproductive health care does no deliberate harm to either patient, the mother or her unborn child.

Pregnancies Now Aborted as Childless Phenomena?

Both reason and science tell us that the human fetus is a human being at the fetal stage of life. Both confirm that in every pregnancy there is another body, a tiny body deserving a mother’s protection.

The mother’s unborn child is already here, already in existence, being protected and nurtured in her or his mother’s womb. This new little human being, though sheltered in the mother’s womb, is separated by an umbilical cord from the mother in order to preserve the child’s separate and different circulatory system, ensuring that the mother’s blood and her child’s blood do not intermingle. The placenta too separates the two bodies in a pregnancy — only fluid carrying dissolved nutrients and fetal metabolic waste crosses the placental barrier.

So why do we continue to tolerate the crazy anti-scientific reconstruction of the fetus as “just a bunch of cells” by an aging ideology that has miscreated abortion on demand?

Inane slogans such as “My body, my rights” attempt to assign to every pregnant woman a totalitarian authority to decide whether she is carrying a child or whether her pregnancy is childless — “It’s only a bunch of cells.”

Pregnancies are being misrepresented as childless phenomena that may be terminated up to “viability” without harm to anyone who matters.

But science can identify that this human being is a daughter or a son, the child of a mother whose relationship to her child can be established scientifically and accurately as the mother of this child, and a father who can also be verified through scientific testing to be the father of this child.

Embryology and fetology affirm that a tiny new human being in her or his mother’s womb is already alive and, if protected from deliberate harm, has every good chance to grow naturally and normally to adulthood with singular continuity through all the stages of life.

From this small beginning to old age, this is the same person, with the same identity, the same unique genetic code, DNA different from that of her or his mother.

Medical Treatments Must Respect the Science

So, when Harris, in her speech, calls out for “access to safe abortion,” we must call louder for “access to safe pregnancy.”

Every pregnant mother and every unborn child should have access to safe pregnancy, to safe reproductive health care.

We know there is no such thing as “safe abortion” for the tiny child in her womb.

Yet the scientifically discredited hypothesis that there is only one body, the mother’s body, and no other body in a pregnancy continues to be propagated by pro-abortion ideologues.

Summed up in the nonsensical “My body, my rights” claim, this has twisted the reasoning of far too many women and girls. They are being taught to deny the scientific evidence that there is another little body already alive and thriving naturally in every pregnancy.

Genuine medical “treatments” must respect the science.

Elective abortion is a destructive pseudo-reproductive health treatment.

Biology, embryology, fetal surgery, ultrasound technology and examination of the human remains of an aborted child all tell us that this child, selected to be aborted, is a human being, belonging to the human family.

Abortion is not a benign medical or surgical treatment of the smaller patient — it is a killing of the smaller patient using medication or surgery.

Reaffirming the Presence in Every Pregnancy of a New Human Being

It is an empirically verifiable truth that another human being is already present in every new pregnancy. That’s what a new pregnancy means — a new human being is present in her or his mother’s womb.

There are two bodies — two patients needing care.

Abortion is the only medical procedure that involves two patients that has for its purpose the direct killing of one of the patients.

We cannot go on tolerating this brutality.

We must not go on advocating abortion “rights” and celebrating our own selfishness.

It is the authority of our reason that guards against, inter alia, a selfish individualism that insists our own rights are superior to the rights of other smaller human beings who temporarily depend on us for care and protection.

Planned Parenthood’s abortion “manifesto” — included in its “Unstoppable” initiative — alleges, “You cannot be truly free or equal” without “access to abortion”:

Our bodies are our own. If they are not, we cannot be truly equal …

So, for women to be equal with men, Planned Parenthood presses us to accept this horrible falsehood: that there is no other body in any of our pregnancies — just our own; that abortion is the death of a nobody.

How sad and how wrong. How very wrong …

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