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Johns Hopkins University removed ‘non-man’ lesbian definition, but still promotes new transgender language on website.

Johns Hopkins University has recently faced backlash for its definition of “lesbian,” which was eventually removed due to online mockery. However, the university’s website still promotes progressive transgender language.

The LGBTQ glossary on the prestigious Baltimore research university’s website previously defined a lesbian as “a non-man attracted to non-men.” The updated definition also included non-binary individuals who identify with the label.

While the entire glossary has been taken down for review, Johns Hopkins’ website still provides resources that aim to challenge gendered language.

Under the “Diversity & Inclusion” section, the school website features a “Gender & Sexuality Resources” section. Within this section, there is an “Introduction to Transgender Identities” page, which includes a segment called “Practicing Inclusion.”

In this segment, it is firmly stated that referring to a trans-identifying person’s pre-transition identity is prohibited. The section emphasizes the importance of using the individual’s current pronouns and name.

The “Practicing Inclusion” section also offers resources on de-gendering various languages. It acknowledges that some languages heavily rely on grammatical gender and provides strategies to modify the language accordingly.

Additionally, the Johns Hopkins website links to an “inclusive Spanish” resource that aims to reinvent the Spanish language with gender-neutral terms. The resource highlights the limitations of gendered language and advocates for inclusivity.

The university also provides resources on making Mandarin Chinese and French more inclusive.

In the “Values” section of the Gender & Sexuality Resources page, Johns Hopkins references the various systems of oppression they aim to resist in their work.

Conservative commentators and critics of gender ideology were quick to criticize the controversial definition of “lesbian” from one of the country’s most esteemed universities. The definition sparked discussions about the erasure of women and the impact of gender ideology.

Following the criticism, Johns Hopkins removed the glossary and issued a statement explaining their intention to review the definitions. They are currently investigating the origin and context of the controversial definition.

In recent years, transgender activists have faced accusations of erasing women by defining female in relation to male and allowing men into women’s spaces.

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