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Joe Rogan believes he understands the intentions of the California school towards his 5-year-old.

If you believe parents should have the final say in raising their children, rather than the government, you ⁤might want to consider leaving Democrat-led states.

There are several valid reasons to leave blue states, but the ⁢issue of parental rights seems to be the most compelling.

If you need further convincing to ⁣abandon a Democrat-run state, look no further than this shocking story from popular podcaster Joe Rogan.

During a recent episode of his “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, Rogan discussed the horrors he personally experienced while living in a blue⁤ state.

Watch the viral segment below:

WARNING: The following video contains ‌language that some viewers may find offensive.

In‍ this segment, Rogan revealed his concerns about the ‍California ⁢school system’s attempt to indoctrinate his young daughter with ⁤a “woke, guilt-ridden ideology.”

Should public schools ⁤be banned from ⁣teaching progressive ideologies?

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Rogan expressed ‌his disbelief at the ​notion that his children needed to be “anti-racist” and called out racism at such a young age.

This highlights the sorry state of American education, where the concept of “racism” has lost its meaning ​due to ​overuse.

Why is it necessary to teach children to be “anti-racists”? Can’t the left focus on building children up instead of constantly reminding them of their supposed racism, sexism, and privilege?

Rogan questioned the school’s ‍attempt to turn young kids into activists, stating that at the age of five, ‍all they want is‍ to have‌ fun and​ play with friends.

He pointed out that indoctrinating them with a guilt-ridden ideology is unfair and​ imposes unnecessary burdens on children.

Rogan’s argument is spot-on. While it’s hard to sympathize with far-left adults who have willingly embraced their ideology, it’s⁣ a different story for young, impressionable children who have no say in the ⁤matter.

It’s reprehensible, and it’s time for American parents to remove their children from blue states.

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The post ‌ Joe Rogan Thinks He Knows What California School Was​ Trying to Do to His 5-Year-Old ‍appeared ‌first‌ on The ‌Western Journal.

It difficult for parents to instill ‌their own values and beliefs in ‌their children. Moving to a state with a more conservative ⁤government may be a viable option for those ⁢who want to ⁢exercise greater control over their children’s ‌education and upbringing. However, it is crucial to remember that children‌ are not political pawns and deserve the love, protection, and guidance of their ⁤parents.⁤ The⁤ government should not interfere⁢ with the rights ​of⁣ parents to raise their children as they see fit

⁤ Er.

Parents ⁤should have the ⁢final say in ⁢raising their children, as they⁤ know what is best for them. They have the responsibility to protect and provide for their children, and no outside entity, including the government, should interfere with their parental⁢ rights.

Unfortunately, many Democrat-led states have been imposing their progressive ideologies on children through the education system. They ‌push for concepts like critical‍ race theory and gender ideology, which are⁤ divisive and harmful to young minds.

Joe Rogan’s experience with his daughter’s school in ‍California is a prime example of this. He expressed his ⁤concern about the school’s attempt⁣ to indoctrinate his five-year-old daughter with a ‌”woke, guilt-ridden ideology.” He ‍questioned ⁣why young children need to be taught to be “anti-racist” and why they are constantly reminded of their supposed racism,‍ sexism, and⁤ privilege.

Rogan also highlighted the fact that children at such⁢ a​ young age just want to have fun and play with their⁣ friends.​ Turning ⁣them into activists and ‌burdening them with ‌guilt and ideological beliefs⁤ is unfair and unnecessary.

Parents should ⁤have the right to raise their children according to their own values and beliefs. They should be able to choose⁣ what is taught to⁣ their children and protect them from indoctrination.

Leaving Democrat-led states might be a ‌wise choice for ‌those who believe in the importance ⁤of parental rights. By moving to a⁢ state with a more conservative government, parents can have greater ‍control over their children’s ‍education ‍and upbringing.

It is essential⁤ to remember that children are not political pawns. They are‍ individuals who deserve the love, protection, and guidance of their parents.‍ The government should not infringe upon the rights of parents to raise ⁢their children in a ⁤way that aligns with their values.

In conclusion, parental rights should be respected and protected. Parents should have the final say in raising their children, ⁤not the government.​ Democrat-led states often promote progressive ideologies that undermine parental authority, making

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