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Joe Rogan slams Dylan Mulvaney as a “mentally ill attention seeker.”

Podcast giant Joe Rogan slams controversial transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney over Bud Light’s downfall

Rogan recently discussed the issue on “The Joe Rogan Experience” with rapper Ice Cube.

According to Rogan, major companies only pay attention to people’s opinions when they “boycott s*** and it works, like this Bud Light thing.”

“Yeah, then and now, people are like, ‘Don’t do that again, (yeah), like, be careful, because look what happened to Bud Light’,” he said.

Rogan seemed to criticize Bud Light’s vice president of marketing, mulvaney-controversy”>Alissa Heinerscheid, without mentioning her name, stating, “And the problem is also you get these people that are coming out of college like this lady who made the decision for Bud Light, you know, she’s gone through the university system.”

“She’s in the corporate system and she’s a woman and she thinks you know, ‘we have to be more inclusive’ and that’s all the language everyone’s using today,” he said. “So they don’t know any real people. They don’t know regular people.”

Rogan then shifted his focus to Mulvaney.

“They have no idea, a brand like Bud Light, which is known for blue-collar drinking people, that they like to f***ing watch football and drink Bud Light, and then all of a sudden you have this mentally ill person who’s just an attention w***e, and you make a big deal out of putting this person’s ‘365 days of womanhood’ on a Bud Light can and they freak the f*** out,” Rogan said. “And then Kid Rock shoots a bunch of them and then it’s on. Once Kid Rock shoots your cans, you’ve got real problems.”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure you do,” Ice Cube laughed.


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