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Comer claims Biden was more involved in Hunter’s business than he admitted.

House Oversight Chairman Claims President Biden’s Involvement in​ Son’s Business⁤ Dealing

House Oversight Chairman James Comer‌ (R-KY)⁣ has made a stunning revelation, suggesting that President Joe Biden’s involvement in his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings‌ goes far beyond ⁤what was initially admitted. In an appearance on Fox News, Comer shared the latest findings from his investigation into alleged criminal activity involving the Biden family.

“You look at the laptop and all the people that Joe Biden ⁢claimed he⁤ never ⁢had any dealings with or didn’t know, their pictures, their text messages, their emails,” Comer ‌stated. “There’s evidence through ⁣and through that shows Joe Biden knew these⁣ people. He spent time with these people, and he communicated ​with these people.”

Comer‍ went on to⁢ reveal that new information has surfaced, indicating direct communication between Joe Biden and certain business associates, who Comer refers to as “people who are foreign nationals sending money through shell companies to the ‌Biden family.”‍ This ⁣revelation suggests a‍ much deeper involvement on the part of the president in his son’s‍ questionable⁣ business activities.

“But at any rate, Joe Biden was a lot more involved in Hunter’s shady business games than ‍he has ever​ admitted.”

Despite the gravity of ‌these allegations, Comer remains optimistic about the progress of his investigation, hinting that its conclusion may be⁢ imminent.

“I think we’re getting closer every day. We’re at ‍the point,‌ now,⁢ we’re ⁤in the deposition phase,” Comer​ revealed. “We already have bank ‍records, we have ⁤emails, we have text messages, we have phone records. ⁤We have testimony from other‍ people. So we know a lot about​ what Joe Biden’s involvement was. We’re at the point to where we need people to ‌come in under oath and⁣ go into more detail ‍because I think all roads point to Joe Biden.”

Comer has ‍previously stated that he‌ anticipates ‍making six to ten criminal ​referrals for Hunter Biden as a result of his investigation.

How Would a⁣ UPS Strike Impact the‍ Economy?

While ⁢the investigation into the Biden family’s alleged wrongdoing continues, it is crucial to⁢ consider the potential consequences. A UPS ​strike, ⁣for example, could⁣ have a significant⁢ impact on the economy.​ The disruption⁤ in package delivery services and supply chains could lead to delays,‌ increased⁤ costs, and ​reduced consumer confidence. It is essential to assess and address ​such potential threats to⁣ ensure the stability and prosperity of ‌our economy.

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