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Biden wages war on potential savior for his son.

Joe Biden’s Son⁣ Faces Indictment: Will the Second Amendment Save Him?

The recent indictment of Hunter Biden for falsifying a gun application was inevitable after the ⁣judge rejected the original plea bargain. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that⁢ a‍ full-blown trial will take place.

Here’s what is likely to happen: Hunter Biden’s legal team will attempt‍ to negotiate a new deal where‍ he admits to the factual⁤ allegations in the indictment but argues that these allegations cannot be ‌prosecuted as a crime under⁤ the Second Amendment.

Furthermore, Biden’s lawyers⁣ may claim that the indictment constitutes double jeopardy since ⁤he ‍had previously agreed to diversion for the offense. This type⁢ of plea, known as‍ a stipulated plea, acknowledges ⁢the truth⁤ of the basic facts while challenging the law.

If ⁤the⁤ stipulated plea is accepted, Hunter Biden can appeal the inevitable‍ guilty verdict and raise issues related⁢ to the Second Amendment and double jeopardy, potentially even in the Supreme Court. However, both the prosecutor and ⁣the judge must agree to this type of plea,⁢ and they ⁢may refuse.

In​ that case, Biden and his‌ lawyers would have to decide whether ⁣to plead guilty, possibly in exchange for probation,⁢ or ‌plead not guilty and face a full trial ⁣that they⁤ would⁤ likely⁣ lose.

It’s important to note that individuals⁢ in Biden’s situation are rarely prosecuted for misstatements on their gun applications, even deliberate ‌ones.‌ If⁤ they are prosecuted and plead guilty, they usually receive a probationary sentence, especially if they have⁢ no ⁢prior relevant offenses.

The original plea bargain aimed for a diversionary⁢ judgment without a guilty plea or conviction on Biden’s record. While ⁣this indictment⁣ raises the stakes, ‌it’s unlikely to result in imprisonment, especially without a full trial.

Additionally, Hunter Biden may face ⁢another ⁤indictment ‌for ​alleged⁤ failure to pay taxes on⁢ time for several years. However, first-time offenders who eventually pay their taxes are typically not ⁢criminally prosecuted for ⁤this offense.

When ‌prosecution does occur, it often leads to a plea bargain and a ‍probationary sentence.‌ While the statute of limitations may have​ passed ⁣for other⁣ potential crimes, investigations into Biden’s recent business history ​are likely ongoing.

There is also a slim possibility that Attorney General Garland could appoint a special counsel ​to investigate connections between Hunter​ Biden and ⁤his ‍father, based on allegations made by Republican politicians and press pundits. However, this scenario seems unlikely.

If Speaker​ McCarthy opens an impeachment investigation, it could potentially provide evidence that warrants the appointment of⁤ a special counsel. But⁣ without‍ such developments,​ the most probable outcome is some​ form of plea deal to ‍avoid a full trial ⁢in the gun application case and any potential tax ‌case.

If a full trial were to occur in the gun permit case, it would likely coincide with the presidential campaign season, around the same time President Trump would be‍ on trial. ‍Similarly, ⁣if there​ is an indictment in the ​tax‍ case and a plea of not guilty, that trial could also take‍ place ⁣during the run-up to ⁤the​ 2024 election.

It remains to⁤ be seen how these trials will influence the 2024⁣ presidential campaign. However, they will undoubtedly be​ impacted by the charges against Hunter Biden and the uncharged allegations regarding his business‌ affairs, ‌which Republicans will likely use to counteract ​the ⁢charges against Trump.

One thing that seems relatively certain ⁤is that President Biden ⁢will not pardon ‍his son before⁢ the election, as‍ it would be politically unwise. Unfortunately, the upcoming presidential campaign⁢ is likely to focus as much on the criminal justice system as it does on the economy, foreign ⁣policy, immigration, and⁢ other crucial‌ issues.

Alan M. Dershowitz is the Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law, Emeritus at Harvard Law School, and⁣ the author ‌most recently of The Price of Principle: Why Integrity Is⁤ Worth ⁤The Consequences. He is the Jack ​Roth Charitable Foundation Fellow ⁣at Gatestone Institute and also the host of “The Dershow” podcast. This piece is ‍republished from the Alan ⁣Dershowitz Newsletter. The views and opinions⁤ expressed‌ in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect⁢ the official position ‌of the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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The ​post‍ Joe ⁤Biden Has Declared War Against the Very‍ Thing That May ‍Save​ His Son appeared first​ on ⁢ The Western Journal.

4 election and the ‌public’s perception of Joe‍ Biden’s presidency. However, it is clear that the Second Amendment may⁤ play a‍ significant role in shaping ⁤the outcome of Hunter ‌Biden’s⁣ legal battles.

How⁤ might the public’s perception of Joe Biden’s presidency be influenced ​by his stance on the Second Amendment and its potential implications on⁢ Hunter⁢ Biden’s legal battles?

The public’s perception of Joe Biden’s presidency⁤ and his stance on the Second Amendment may not directly influence his son Hunter Biden’s legal battles unless there ⁢is a significant ‌connection between the two issues. However, there‌ are a few hypothetical scenarios that could potentially shape the public’s ‍perception.

1. Gun rights advocates: If Joe Biden takes a strong and restrictive stance on the Second Amendment, ⁤it could ‍lead ⁣to increased ⁣opposition from gun rights advocates. This could result in those⁢ who strongly support ​the Second Amendment‍ viewing his⁤ presidency negatively. However, the influence ​on Hunter Biden’s legal battles would be​ minimal‌ unless there is an explicit connection ‌between the two issues.

2. Criminal‌ justice ⁤reform: Joe Biden’s stance on gun control may influence his broader approach to criminal justice ⁢reform. ‌If ‍he takes a lenient stance ​on the Second Amendment, it may‍ be ‌perceived as ‌an indication of⁢ a more progressive approach to criminal ​justice. This could lead some individuals to view his presidency positively, particularly those who advocate for reforms that benefit individuals like⁢ Hunter Biden facing legal challenges.

3. ⁢Political ⁢polarization: The public’s perception ⁣of Joe‍ Biden’s stance on the Second ‍Amendment and its ⁢implications on ‍Hunter Biden’s legal battles could‍ become ⁣highly polarized. Media outlets and political ⁤commentators from different sides may ⁣attempt to connect or interpret‍ these two ⁤issues in ways that reinforce existing‍ biases and divisions.‍ Consequently, public opinion may ‍be influenced by the lens through which individuals consume information, rather than​ a direct link ‍between these‌ two topics.

It is important ⁣to note that⁣ these scenarios are speculative, and the public’s perception is multifaceted and influenced by a wide range⁤ of factors beyond ⁤the⁢ Second Amendment and Hunter Biden’s legal battles.

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