Joe Biden Claims To Want Help With The Border Asylum Scam. Here’s How Republicans Can Call His Bluff

Another day, another Trump-era policy on the border that Joe Biden pretends to be aware of in an effort to make it seem like he is at least trying to solve a problem he created.

The New York Times Tuesday reported Administration plans to introduce a “new rule” Authorities will be able to quickly deny asylum claims to illegal border crossers if they fail to show that they tried to seek asylum in Mexico first or in another country to get here.

Let’s not forget that “new policy” This is about Four years oldNow is the right time for House Republicans, to draft a bill to make it law. No Democrats will support it, even though they defend Biden’s border failings. And Biden would not find any excuse to not sign such a bill because he isn’t serious about fixing his own mess. It’s not worth making them look stupid.

Biden invites the episode. According to the Times, “On a call with reporters, administration officials said that failure by Congress to pass an overhaul of the nation’s outdated immigration laws and a spate of lawsuits from Republican-led states had prevented the government from effectively managing the southern border.”

Okay, okay. “overhaul” It is virtually impossible to have a divided Congress. But, if there are “new rule” It was favored by two administrations (one Republican (Trump), and one Democrat [Biden). There is no reason to make it a law. It is not an “overhaul,” But it’s A start.

Sources on Capitol Hill tell me that the Republican-led Congress is currently drafting immigration bills. I’m sure members will be proud to present any complicated, sprawling legislation. Instead, they could begin small and at least force Democrats not to vote for a measure being taken by the leader of their own party.

Within the past four months, almost 900 people have died. 1 Million foreigners They attempted to take themselves in the hands of American taxpayers. Each one of them will have received some assistance. This could be food, a shower or a paid trip to a U.S. destination. Or, in most cases, all three. Popular Asylum fraud How many will stay here indefinitely? It is worth every effort to reduce this grotesque, appalling abuse of the system.

It should be given to Biden. It was his request.

Eddie Scarry is the D.C. columnist at The Federalist, and author of “Liberal Misery: How The Hateful Left Takes Joy from Everything and Everyone.”

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