Joe Biden Calls for “Everyone Under 15” to Take Pictures at White House Atlanta Braves Event

President Joe Biden appeared meandering and confused during a White House event on Monday celebrating the Atlanta Braves and their World Series victory in 2021.

After the president finished speaking, the team presented him with a team jersey with his name on it.

“Don’t jump,” he joked to a photographer on a ladder before turning to leave.

“Well folks, guess we’re going to do something now, that is uh … a reception,” he said to the team, who remained in position for the photo.

When the group reminded him that they had to take a few pictures first, Biden agreed but held his jersey folded up at his waist as the cameras clicked.

The president turned his head and began talking to the team as the cameras continued taking pictures, and then turned to leave again.

Photographers encouraged him to remain still, some reminding him to hold up his jersey for the pictures.

The president dutifully held up the jersey, but spotted a group of children in the audience, and encouraged them to come closer.

“Guys, c’mere,” he said. “Everyone under 15, c’mere. C’mon.”

He met briefly with some boys and turned to an older girl and beckoned.

“C’mon, honey,” he said, urging her to come over.

“I’ve got a daughter that’s two-team all-state, so c’mon,” he said.

He later knelt down on one knee to look at a young boy, pulled his arm to bring him closer, and pivoted him for a picture.

One of Biden’s staffers quietly approached the stage, motioning him to leave as an announcer asked for everyone to take their seats as the president left.

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