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Jim Jordan issues subpoenas for two notorious Biden White House censorship czars

House Judiciary Chair Subpoenas ⁣White House Censorship Czars

On Thursday, House Judiciary Chair Rep. Jim Jordan issued subpoenas to⁢ two notorious figures in ⁤the White House’s censorship‍ efforts: former White House Senior Advisor for the Covid Response Team Andrew Slavitt and former Director ⁢of Digital​ Strategy for the Biden White House ⁤ Robert Flaherty.

Both men have been summoned to testify before the Weaponization​ Committee’s investigation into the Executive⁢ Branch’s involvement in coercing​ and colluding with companies to censor speech, as stated in a press release by the Judiciary ⁣Committee.

However, Slavitt and ‌Flaherty have refused to comply, claiming that the White House should be contacted ​instead. Chairman Jordan finds their excuses “unpersuasive” and has expressed ‍his dissatisfaction in letters to both officials.

The Weaponization Committee’s investigation has been ​heavily influenced by the explosive Missouri v. Biden case, which exposed instances of illegal censorship orchestrated by the White House and federal agencies. The Supreme Court is expected to hear the case before June ⁤next year. Here are a few examples​ of censorship specifically attributed to Slavitt and Flaherty:

Shadow Banning Tucker Carlson

On April 14, 2021, Slavitt called for the censorship of a post ⁣by Tucker Carlson due to its “anti-vax message.”‍ Facebook responded by “demoting” the post, ⁤but it still managed to ⁤gain ‌significant attention. Flaherty even contacted a Facebook⁤ executive to inquire about the post’s ‍virality, ‍leading to a continued demotion of the video.

Deplatforming Alex Berenson

On April 21, 2021, Flaherty, Slavitt, and other HHS officials attended a “Twitter Vaccine Misinfo Briefing” with Twitter executives. During the meeting, they questioned why Alex Berenson had⁢ not been​ removed from the platform. As a result, Berenson was suspended⁤ and later permanently deplatformed.

Removing Vaccine​ Humor Content

In January 2022, Facebook informed Flaherty, Slavitt, and other White‍ House officials that it had labeled and ‍demoted comedic vaccine posts and those ‌suggesting natural immunity ⁢is superior to vaccine immunity.

‘Immediately’ Banning Biden Family Parody Account

On ‌Feb. 6, 2021, the White House urged Twitter to ban a parody account⁢ linked to‍ Finnegan Biden, Hunter Biden’s daughter and President Biden’s​ granddaughter. Twitter promptly ​suspended the account within 45 minutes.

The Judiciary Committee emphasized that Slavitt and Flaherty played a central role in the White⁣ House’s censorship efforts,‌ including‍ demands to censor constitutionally protected ​forms⁢ of expression. Their testimonies‍ will contribute to legislative reforms aimed at preventing the Executive Branch from pressuring social media platforms to censor ​disfavored viewpoints.

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What is the purpose of the subpoenas issued ​to Andrew Slavitt and⁤ Robert Flaherty by Rep. Jim Jordan?

House Judiciary Chair, Rep. Jim Jordan, has issued subpoenas ⁢to two prominent figures involved in the‍ White House’s censorship ‍endeavors. The individuals in question are⁤ former White House Senior Advisor for the Covid Response⁣ Team, Andrew Slavitt, and former Director of Digital⁤ Strategy for the Biden White House, Robert Flaherty.

The purpose of these subpoenas is‌ to compel both ⁤men​ to testify before the Weaponization Committee. The committee ​is currently conducting an investigation into the involvement of⁤ the Executive Branch‍ in coercing and colluding with companies to censor speech. This information ‍was revealed in a recent press ⁣release by ​the Judiciary Committee.

Despite being summoned, both Slavitt and Flaherty have declined to ​comply, ‍arguing that ‍the ​appropriate channel ⁣for contact should⁤ be‍ the White House itself. Chairman Jordan has expressed‌ his dissatisfaction with their justifications, finding them unconvincing. He has written letters⁢ to both officials, expressing his discontent.

It is important ‌to note that the Weaponization Committee’s investigation has been heavily influenced by the highly publicized⁤ Missouri v. Biden case. This⁢ legal case has brought to light various instances of illegal censorship orchestrated by the White House and federal ​agencies. The Supreme⁢ Court is expected to⁣ hear the case before‍ June ⁤of next year. The ‍involvement of Slavitt ⁤and⁣ Flaherty ‌in specific ⁢instances of censorship has been identified, providing additional motivation for their testimonies.

The subpoenas issued by Rep. ⁤Jordan ‌highlight the seriousness of the matter and⁢ emphasize ​the need for accountability and transparency. The investigation aims to shed light on any potential abuses of power ⁣within the ⁢Executive Branch that infringe upon⁣ the fundamental ⁣right to freedom of speech.

The outcome⁣ of this investigation has significant implications for the future of free expression ​in the United States. It will determine ⁣whether the actions of the White House and its officials regarding censorship are within the bounds of the Constitution and the principles of democracy. As the Supreme Court prepares to examine the Missouri v. Biden case, the testimonies of Slavitt and Flaherty⁢ could provide valuable⁣ insights into the​ extent of governmental ⁢involvement​ in curbing free speech.

The issuing⁢ of subpoenas to these two ‍individuals marks a significant step forward in the pursuit⁢ of truth and accountability. It is hoped that their testimonies will serve as​ a catalyst for further investigations and subsequent actions, ensuring that the principles of democracy⁤ and free speech are upheld in the face ⁢of any ⁤potential threats.

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