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Jeff Davidson: The Left’s “Get Trump” Obsession Now Threatens the Future of Our Country

The recent indictment of Donald Trump, less than 300 days away from the Iowa Republican caucuses, is political warfare and a day of infamy in our history. The obsession of the left remains to “Get Trump” but the upcoming 2024 election could pose difficulties for them to do so. Unlike 2022, the GOP could take the Senate and retain the House with several states electing Republican governors.

However, considering that 2024 is a national election and the Democrats have improved their cheating techniques, the election fraud could be much more difficult to detect. This could involve fraudulent practices in all 50 states, at the regional level, and at the local level such as forging ballots, late ballots, double counting ballots, and destroying ballots for the opposing side.

Vigilant election monitors are necessary to prevent fraud. It is crucial not to allow anyone to violate the election laws or hide any transaction on the floor. It is important to finish the election on time on the same day, and be wary of the late-arriving packages of goodies (ballots) that regularly favor Democrats and harm Republicans.

The failure to take the Senate could result in disastrous consequences for America, and it could be a long and painful wait until the 2026 and 2028 elections. Peaceful resistance might then be necessary, to let it be known that this kind of assault on democracy cannot go unchecked.

Unfortunately, the Republicans, and their supporters, are traditionally hesitant to get down and dirty. The Left, however, includes many convicts, a large section of the unemployed and underemployed, and those who would rather destroy the country than do anything else. They include most of Hollywood, academia, the complicit media, and Big Tech. Today’s Big Tech manipulates what really transpires on the web, sometimes beyond what we can imagine, but we sense what is happening.

It is necessary to take significant steps to win back the country as the stakes are unacceptably high for complacency. We cannot afford to be Mr. Nice Guy while the United States is systematically destroyed. The inflation rate, crime rate, drug crisis, foreign policy failures, national debt, supply chain disruption, transportation disasters, and the rate at which children are being brainwashed and sexualized should not be ignored. These issues could become overwhelming, and there is no time to dilly dally. We must take action to secure our country’s future.

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