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JD Vance proposes bill to prohibit transgender procedures for minors.

Senate​ Introduces⁤ Bill to‍ Protect Children’s‍ Innocence

On ‍Tuesday,‍ Senator J.D. Vance (R-OH) unveiled a ⁢groundbreaking ‍piece of legislation aimed at safeguarding​ the⁤ well-being of ​minors across the United‌ States.⁢ The⁢ bill,⁢ known ‌as the ​Protect⁤ Children’s⁢ Innocence ⁢Act, seeks to put‌ an end⁢ to ⁢sex ​change procedures‍ for ⁢individuals under ​the ​age ⁤of‍ 18.

“Under ⁢no ‍circumstances should doctors be​ allowed ⁤to ‌perform‍ these ‌gruesome, ‍irreversible‌ operations on underage ⁤children,” Vance passionately‌ stated.

The ​proposed law⁣ would ⁢make‍ it a ‍Class C felony for ⁢physicians to knowingly provide “gender-affirming ⁣care” to⁤ minors, including ​genital⁢ mutilation,‍ chemical⁣ castration, ‌and sterilization.⁤ Those convicted of this offense​ could‍ face ⁣severe‍ penalties, such as ⁢a ​prison sentence​ of 10 to⁤ 25 years ‌or a maximum fine of $250,000.

Originally‍ introduced ‌by ‍Representative⁢ Marjorie⁤ Taylor Greene (R-GA) in the‌ House, ​Vance​ expressed his ⁤gratitude ​towards ‍the Georgia⁣ representative ‍for ⁢her efforts in‌ championing⁤ this cause.

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“With this⁣ legislation, ⁤we ‌have an opportunity to save countless young Americans from a lifetime of suffering and regret,” Vance⁢ emphasized.

If passed in⁣ Congress and⁣ signed into law by the ⁣president, the bill ​would not‌ only prohibit taxpayer-funded​ gender procedures but​ also‍ restrict institutions⁣ of higher education from providing ‍instruction​ on ⁤such treatments. Additionally, immigrants who have performed “gender-affirming​ care” on a minor could face deportation⁤ or become‍ ineligible for ⁤visas or admission to the U.S. based‍ on their ‌immigration‌ status.

Republicans⁣ Rally ⁤Against DOE Gas Stove ⁣Proposal

In other⁤ news,⁣ Republicans⁣ have strongly ⁣criticized the‍ Department ‌of Energy’s recent proposal​ regarding‍ gas stoves, labeling it as an‍ “alarming violation” of ⁣the‌ law. The proposal has sparked concerns ‌among conservatives, ⁢who argue that it ‌infringes⁤ upon individual freedoms and undermines‍ the principles ‍of limited⁢ government.

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