Jailed Canadian Father Still Fighting Child’s Gender Transition

A Canadian father who was jailed for opposing his child’s gender transition is still fighting in court.

In 2018, the dad was informed that a hospital would start administering cross-sex hormones to his child. Thanks to a new Canadian law, doctors may administer transgender drugs to children without parental consent.

Four years later, the dad, whose identity was put under a publication ban by the court to protect his child, is still fighting in the British Columbia Courts over the loss of his parental rights in the medical transitioning of his teen daughter.

After the dad spoke out against his child’s gender transition, he was arrested in March of last year and fined $30,000 for misgendering his daughter, who was 13 at the time. He was denied bail and held in jail while he waited for his trial to begin the next month. He was also charged with criminal contempt of court and faced up to five years in prison.

The father has incurred “enormous losses and expenses” over the ordeal and has been “dragged through a kind of legal hell,” according to his GoGetFunding page. The page has raised nearly $80,000 as of Friday morning.

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh interviewed the Canadian dad for his documentary “What Is A Woman,” released earlier this month.

“I’m not able to leave BC [British Columbia]. I can’t even go to another province in Canada right now, and it’s because I’m technically out on bail,” the dad told Walsh in the film.

The dad told Walsh that his ex-wife brought their daughter to an appointment at British Columbia Children’s Hospital. The dad said he trusted the hospital to perform a thorough evaluation and thought, “good, this is going to be the end of it all. They’re going to clearly see that my child is not the opposite sex.”

He got a call less than an hour into that appointment, however, informing him that “they were going to pump her full of cross-sex hormones within the hour,” he said.

“And I put a halt to that. I said no,” the dad said. “They agreed to stop for the moment. They figured, well let’s get the dad on board too … I said it’s not going to happen.”

After that, the dad said he got a letter from the hospital in December 2018 saying that under British Columbia’s Infants Act the hospital would be starting his daughter on cross-sex hormones, and he had two weeks to respond with legal action if he chose to.

“So that’s how I ended up in court, because I did respond with legal action,” the dad said.

Meanwhile, he was publicly referring to his daughter as “she.” In Canada, it can be considered criminal violence to refuse to use someone’s preferred pronouns, the dad said, so the dad ended up in jail.

“It is no different than let’s say I were to take a broomstick and whack one of my kids over the head,” the dad said.

His daughter was still on cross-sex hormones as of Walsh’s interview.


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