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J.K. Rowling dismisses critic’s claim that trans individuals pose no threat in female restrooms.

Famed “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling shuts down critic claiming trans-identifying males aren’t a threat to women in restrooms

Rowling, who has faced attacks for supporting biological women, shared a screenshot of a message attempting to argue against her stance.

The screenshot read, “It’s sad really. That a) you think a rapist is going to be stopped by a sign on a door. They won’t. And they don’t give a sh*t generally about boundaries/’safe spaces’… It’s kinda a key characteristic of rapists. B) that trans people universally represent a threat. They don’t.”

Rowling responded, “Never forget: it’s far too unsafe for trans women to use men’s bathrooms/changing rooms, because they might get assaulted.”

“However, it’s completely fine for any man who identifies as a woman to use women’s bathrooms/changing rooms, because rapists will rape women anyway,” she added.

Many social media users expressed support for Rowling’s post.

One account posted, “So many young people have been led astray. One hopes there won’t be hell to pay in the future, but I kind of doubt it.”

Another tweet stated, “Quite right. Prosecutors everywhere have seen men going into women’s bathrooms as a criminal problem for many decades, if not more than a century. Any Leftists and trans-advocates who deny it are lying. Not mistaken. Lying.”

Rowling has faced backlash from transgender activists due to her defense of biological women.

The author previously criticized former Scottish female First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, for supporting the Gender Recognition Reform Bill in 2022.

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