Darius Rucker fears AI’s impact on songwriting.

Country Star Darius Rucker Speaks Out Against AI Songwriting

Country star Darius Rucker recently weighed in on artists in his genre using artificial intelligence (AI) for songwriting, saying he’s alarmed by the technology and vowing to continue writing the old-fashioned way.

During the CMA Fest, the 57-year-old singer was asked his thoughts on using AI and whether he felt it could threaten the livelihood of songwriters like himself.

“It’s scary,” Rucker told Fox News. “I don’t want to wake up one day and have a robot standing over me. It’s scary, but technology can be that way.”

“If people were to use it and everything for songwriting… technology is just way in front of me,” he added. “So I don’t think about those things, I only keep doing things the way I do it, and write songs the way I write songs and let the chips fall where they may.”

In a previous interview, the “Wagon Wheel” hitmaker described how he writes songs, saying he does it the same way he always has: “I write songs for me, then I hope everybody else likes it.”

John Rich Questions AI’s Impact on Country Music

Musician John Rich recently took a swipe at modern country music during a recent discussion about the impact AI could have on the industry.

“Could AI do any worse than some of the country singers that are out there right now?” Rich asked. “I’m not sure that’s even possible.”

While Rich didn’t call out specific recording artists, he did say AI could never replace great songwriters.

“Listen, you can’t replicate the great songwriters,” the country star said. “You just can’t. I mean, you’re talking about Albert Einstein honky-tonk songwriters.”

“I’d like to see AI write ‘He Stopped Loving Her Today,’” he added, referencing the famed song from the late George Jones. “It ain’t gonna happen.”

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